How well do you know Bluestar?

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How well do you know ThunderClan's great leader, Bluestar? Do you know her well enough to be her best friend? Her sister? To be Bluestar herself? Take this quiz to find out!

  • 1
    Who are Bluestar's mother, father and littermate?
    Moonflower, Stormtail, Thistleclaw
    Moonflower, Stormtail, Snowfur
    Moonflower, Hawkheart, Adderfang
    Dappletail, Stormtail, Robinwing
    Poppydawn, Goosefeather, Rosepaw
  • 2
    Who did Bluestar's sister, Snowfur, take as a mate?
  • 3
    What was Bluestar's warrior name?
  • 4
    Why was Bluestar named after the color blue?
    Her eyes were bright blue
    Her fur was white with gray splotches that looked she had smeared blueberries all over her pelt
    She liked to eat blueberries as a kit, so her mother named her Bluekit
    Her fur was a dark, dark gray, creating the illusion it was a darkish-blue color
    She had unique blue-ish colored paw pads
  • 5
    How was Bluestar related to Goosefeather?
    Goosefeather was the littermate of her mother, thus making him her uncle
    Goosefeather was her grandfather
    Goosefeather was her brother from the same litter as her
    Goosefeather was her younger half-brother from another litter. They shared the same father.
    Goosefeather was her father
  • 6
    What was the prophecy that foretold Bluestar's future?
    "Lion and Tiger will meet in battle, and blood will rule the forest"
    "Blood will spill blood, and the lake will run red"
    "Fire alone can save our Clan"
    "Darkness, Air, Sky and Water will come together and shake the forest to its roots"
    "Like fire, you will blaze through the forest. But beware! Even the most powerful flames can be destroyed by water"
  • 7
    How did Bluestar loose her last life?
    She died of a terrible, unnamed sickness
    She was hit by a Twoleg Monster
    She was murdered by a ShadowClan cat
    She was killed by a pack of vicious dogs
    She fell into the gorge, but after she was rescued and brought to shore, she passed away
  • 8
    Who was Bluestar's first deputy?
  • 9
    Who was Bluestar's mate; the father of her kits?
  • 10
    Who were Bluestar's kits?
    Mistyfoot, Stonefur, Mosskit
    Whitestorm and Mistyfoot
    Thistleclaw, Whitestorm, Mosskit
    Stonefoot, Mistyfur, Snowkit
    Mistyfoot and Stonefur

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