Are you a lesbian? (♀)

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This test has been generated to aid women in finding their sexuality. Answers are not guaranteed to be 100% correct.

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    Have you ever kissed another woman?

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Grade 7 (84601)
So I like my best friend but I don’t want to tell her cuz I’m worried it will ruin our friendship. Also only two people know I like her and I’m worried she’ll find out on her own and get mad at me for not telling her. Does anyone have some advice? I just don’t know what to do.
Grade 7 lesbian (70905)
I took this test just cuz I was bored... I knew I was a lesbian before anyways lol but 4 people know I'm lesbian and two of them are homophobic and one of them is bi and my crush! 😉 She is literally the most beautiful girl I've ever seen too... My family is Christian and I'm afraid to tell my parents! My homophobic friends were asking for proof that I was les and I was like how do you give PROOF that you are gay!! And my teacher almost heard that too! I'm 12 and I am just enjoying the worrying of coming out to my parents 😉
anon (20545)
I feel like i am straight but sometimes i like women.. i impress guys at school more than i impress girls.. its just so weird....WHAT SHOULD I DO?
Lala (26249)
3 days ago
I’m scared I’m only 11 my best friend said she is lesbian. I told it’s okay. And then I realized that I never liked guys that much. I’m so young. And what if my friend likes me?!?!
Alexa (46238)
3 days ago
I don't know what wrong with me...I have always had crushes on guys (only like twice on a girl) I've been in 1 relationship with a guy, but he turned out gay and broke up with me for a guy which that s and then I realize I have always had horrible luck with guys and that moment I felt the urge to kiss a girl....I don't know I'm staring to find girls very attractive and I just really want to press my lips against another girl's lips. I want to be with a girl...why? I still find guys attractive, but I don't think it's ever going to work out and I have had girls like me, but a guy? not really only guys that are considered wither ugly or lame and tbh yeah kinda true they were lame (and not smart at all...) and the guy I have liked has a girlfriend s go figure am I right??? anyways I want to kiss and be with a girl now....maybe I am gay
Breona (12928)
3 days ago
I've been totally confused on what I am too be honest. I've dating guys before, and even lost my VCard to a guy, but it wasn't pleasant and I find myself repulsed by men anymore. However before that I like men more. But I also catch myself staring at girls I find attractive and even had a fantasy dream about a girl I know. My family is convinced since I was little that I would be lesbian. I'm just so confused tbh
Adelaide (44499)
4 days ago
I’m 12 I new I am a lesbian. I like girls and this test was right but I’m not sure if it’s accurate because I’ve been reading the other comments and the majority say extremely lesbian. Even the straight as a pole people got lesbian. But it was right for me so... yeah
Lyla (47298)
5 days ago
But what if I don't want to be rude and decline and also never want to go out
Someone (61384)
5 days ago
I am 10 and it says that i am extremely lesbian. I am not that sad about it because now i will be able to tell my friend that i am falling for her
Kitty (08105)
5 days ago
I am 10. I am chirstian. STRAIGHT AS A POLE..................... I am not lesbian
Eeva (52654)
6 days ago
When I was 10
I got to know that I was lesbian cause
I had a crush on this one boy and slowly I became not liking but extremly hating him. I would love to kiss a girl or have a girlfriend when I'm older and I am 11 now so I have known this for a 1 year that I am lesbian!👭
Caitlin (12994)
7 days ago
I have a boyfriend and I'm bi but I don't know I feel I want to tell people
Mo (00152)
11 days ago
I am 13 and I am 98% I am a lesbian I have told almost all my friends and my mum... Everyone was supportive except my mum...
Megui (06747)
11 days ago
Lullabygirl (85384) we can talk if you want because im in the same situation as you
amina25 (77634)
13 days ago
i am 25 and i just confirmed that i am a lesbian; i wish i discovered it when i was younger it would saved me from those mental health wreck boys relationships
Alaska (86108)
13 days ago
So I'm 12 and I'm 90% sure I'm a lesbian and I really wanna have a girlfriend but I don't know any other lesbians at my school and also I don't know how to come out to everyone
Darian (77202)
14 days ago
I took this quiz for fun and got middle. I choose to ice city as homoflexible (mainly attracted to women but very rarely attracted to men). I'm 14, and out!
evelynnn (01925)
14 days ago
Lesbian for life!((g
Lullabygirl (85384)
15 days ago
Im so confuse about my sexuality and i live in a country that doesn’t support LGBTQ.. i need someone to talk to ... really need help . Tell me how to talk to you guys
Augusta (95581)
16 days ago
I got lesbian. Im pretty sure that I'm a lesbian, but I'm still figuring out my sexuality. I feel more homosexual than being bi.