How Do You Handle Tough Situations?

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Have you ever been in one of those situations where you feel like your mind is being pulled into pieces as you desperately wonder what to do? Take this quiz to find out how you currently handle tough situations- and to get some advice on how to handle it even better.

  • 1
    You're holding a heavy tray of food and trying to find an empty table at the food court in the mall. Suddenly, you trip- and pour your lunch all over a person walking by! What do you do?
    Apologize and, if they seem nice, buy them a new meal.
    Stand there in horror before running away as fast as you can.
    Say, "Watch where you're going next time!"
    Try to make a joke about it.
    Apologize profusely, buy them a new meal, and bring them plenty of wet paper towels.
  • 2
    You're in class giving a presentation. You drop your papers and bend down to pick them up. Suddenly you hear a rip- and realize your pants have split in front of the entire class! What do you do?
    Pretend it didn't happen and try to give your presentation from an angle where nobody will see the hole in your pants. After you're done, get out of class and find new pants.
    Blush beet red and try not to cry.
    Try not to react and wait for the teacher to help you.
    Laugh along with your classmates.
    Snap at a classmate who's making a rude comment.
  • 3
    You're in a nice restaurant with your family. Suddenly, you let out a huge belch. What do you do?
    Apologize. Make a mental note not to eat so fast.
    Snap, "Stop looking at me!"
    Laugh about it.
    Blush and pretend it wasn't you.
    Apologize and promise to take them out again to make up for it.
  • 4
    School has just let out, and you can't wait to get home. You run to your mom's car and hop in- only to realize that this isn't your mom's car! What do you do?
    Try to get out before the driver sees you.
    Tell the driver bluntly, "It wasn't my fault your car looks like my mom's!"
    Sit there awkwardly until the driver asks what the heck you are doing.
    Apologize and compliment the driver to make up for it.
    Say sorry and laugh about it with the driver.
  • 5
    People are spreading a nasty rumor about your friend. They ask you not to tell or they'll beat you up. What do you do?
    Tell your friend. When the bullies try to make your life miserable, blow them off with humor.
    Make a list of your options, discuss them with your parents, and pick the best one.
    Try to please the bullies by not telling your friend, but feel bad and be extra nice to your friend.
    Panic and don't do anything.
    Roll your eyes and tell your friend.
  • 6
    You are about to ask your crush to the school dance, but as soon as you open your mouth, you get tongue-tied and forget what you were going to say. What do you do?
    Walk away, but ask him again later in a really sweet way.
    You wouldn't have gotten tongue-tied in the first place.
    Stare at him awkwardly until he walks away.
    Make a joke about it to lighten the mood.
    Take several deep breaths and ask yourself what's the worst that could happen.
  • 7
    In class, the teacher calls on you and you give the wrong answer. Everyone starts laughing. What do you do?
    Quickly correct yourself.
    Defend your answer.
    Make a joke about it to get them laughing even more.
    Blush and quickly wipe away tears.
    Try not to say anything.
  • 8
    You realize you've had a train of toilet paper stuck to your shoe all day. What do you do?
    You take it off and forget all about it.
    Decide nobody noticed, and if they did, didn't care, take it off, and go on with your day.
    Start to panic when you think of all the people who have seen it.
    Think about how many people would have seen you like that and how they would have reacted.
    Laugh it off.
  • 9
    You confess to your crush that you like them. They just stand there staring at you. What do you do?
    Ask him what he's thinking.
    Say politely, "If you aren't interested, that's fine," and walk away.
    Try to read their body language.
    Try to ease the tension by making a joke.
    Stand there staring at him awkwardly.
  • 10
    You're in the movie theater watching a very quiet part of the movie when you suddenly get a fit of loud, annoying hiccups. What do you do?
    Try all the methods you know to stop hiccuping.
    Don't do anything about it. If these people didn't want to deal with other people, they should have stayed home.
    Leave the theater to spare everyone of your hiccuping.
    Flash an apologetic grin to the people around you.
    Sit there super embarrassed not knowing what to do.
  • 11
    You're carrying a heavy box from one classroom to another when suddenly, you drop it. You hear the sound of breaking glass from inside. What do you do?
    Laugh and sheepishly hand the box to the teacher, hoping she doesn't look inside when you're there.
    Just hand it in without any explanation.
    Open the box and check the damage, then work from there.
    Confess to your teacher and offer to replace the item that broke.
  • 12
    You have procrastinated on a big presentation and it is due in thirty minutes. What do you do?
    Ask the teacher sweetly for more time.
    Quickly make a plan so you can get the most work possible done in your limited amount of time.
    Try to wing it, panic, and get a bad grade.
    Blame it on somebody else.
    Go up there and wing it.
  • 13
    You borrow a friend's book- and lose it. What do you do?
    Make a joke about the Disappearing Book.
    Try to avoid her.
    Be honest and wait to see how she reacts.
    Confess to her, buy her a new book, and take her out to lunch.
    Buy a new one exactly like the old one. She'll never even know you lost it!
  • 14
    You're out grocery shopping and all the shopping carts are taken. You have a lot of groceries on your list. What do you do?
    Shamelessly make a fool of yourself trying to carry all of the groceries.
    Improvise a shopping basket with a baking sheet.
    Shamefully make a fool of yourself trying to carry all of the groceries.
    Politely ask someone with only a few items if you can use their cart. Buy them a treat to thank them.
    Take a shopping cart that is sitting in the middle of an aisle.
  • 15
    You're at a potluck and leave your plate to go to the bathroom. When you come back, you start eating- only to realize you're eating off someone else's plate! They haven't seen you yet, but they're coming your way. What do you do?
    Stand awkwardly until they come over and see you.
    Explain your mistake, then make them a new plate.
    Try to laugh it off with them.
    Quickly refill their plate before they see.
    Pretend you weren't the one who did it.

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