So, does he like me?

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You like him, but does he like you? This accurate quiz can light your way!

  • 1
    When you see him, the first thing he says to you is...
    If you came to find the ugly contest, you're at the wrong place.
    Hey! How was your day?
    *Doesn't acknowledge existence*
  • 2
    The big dance is coming up! What happens between you and him?
    Every time you mention the dance, he mocks that you'll have to force your cousin to come with you.
    He casually asks you to go with him.
    He doesn't say anything.
    He sets up an elaborate proposal to ask you to be his date.
    He hints towards the dance, though he seems unsure whether to ask me.
  • 3
    Do you have his number? How?
    He hasn't given me his number, but he might one day.
    He didn't give me his number, and he's never going to.
    He gave me his number because he wants to talk to me more often.
    Why would he have my number? He'd only send threatening chain mail.
    He gave me his number because we're friends.
  • 4
    He knocks on your door. Why?
    He would never knock on my door.
    He wanted to remind you of that horrible incident you did earlier that day.
    His ball landed in your backyard.
    He wanted to ask if I could spend time with him this weekend.
    He forgot the homework pages.
  • 5
    A compliment he'd most likely give you is...
    "Good job on the test."
    Compliment me? Putting his life on the line won't make him spit out something nice.
    "I like your outfit! It compliments your eyes."
    "Wanna hang out later?" (Not date-wise, btw)
    Compliment me? We hardly ever talk!
  • 6
    It's Valentine's Day. He leaves a gift in your locker. What is it?
    A small box of chocolates
    Why would he leave me a gift?
    A dead rat. Ugh.
    Some kind of dollar-store candy bar
    A note saying "Happy Valentine's Day". Nothing else.
  • 7
    What do you see in him?
    He's cute. A little bit nice, too, you think.
    He has a cool personality. You like spending time with him.
    Everything! He's like, some kind of superhuman.
    He's cute, I guess.
    His confidence.
  • 8
    It's a boring Saturday afternoon. He texts asking if you want to get together. You respond yes. What's the plan?
    We play basketball for a little. Like friends.
    He set up an elaborate prank- and caught it on video! It's what I get for trusting a jerk.
    There's no way he'd ever talk to, or let alone text, me.
    We're going on a walk. He's really telling me a lot about himself. It feels like a date!
    He invites me over. Things are practically dead silent until he makes a diversion and leaves. Huh.
  • 9
    Do you feel like you should like him?
    I'm not sure. He's cute, but it feels a bit shallow to stop there.
    Maybe. We've talked a few times and it was fun, but maybe not enough to like him as much as I do.
    No. I feel like a dog chasing its own tail- hopeless! I should hate him, but I just can't.
    I don't know, we're friends, and I don't know if it'll evolve beyond that.
    Yes! He's amazing, and I think he likes me back!
  • 10
    Lastly, if he found out you liked him, what would he do?
    He'd ask me out.
    He wouldn't care. He doesn't really know me.
    He'd tell me he's flattered, but turn me down nicely.
    He'd probably either get shy or disgusted.
    Ugh, great. More things for him to tease me on.

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