Abnormal Psychology

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  • 1
    The label “transsexual” is most appropriate for which of the following people?
    6-year-old Tom sometimes acts and plays like a girl.
    40-year-old Kelly was born with both male and female genitals.
    50-year-old Joe is sexually aroused by dressing in women's clothes.
    35-year-old Mary has felt from early childhood of being a male born with the wrong genitals.
  • 2
    According to the DSM, becoming sexually aroused from touching the buttocks of unsuspecting women on a crowded subway is a sexual disorder that has been termed
    Sexual sadism.
  • 3
    ___ involves a marked preference for obtaining sexual gratification by watching others in a state of undress or having sexual relations.
    Transvestic fetishism.
  • 4
    Methods used by therapists to enhance the motivation of sex offenders to adhere to treatment do not include
    Empathizing with the offender's reluctance to admit that he is an offender.
    Expressing doubts that the person is motivated to enter into treatment (paradoxical intervention).
    Explaining that there will be a psychophysiological assessment of sexual arousal.
    Empathizing with blaming the victim for being overly seductive.
  • 5
    The first phase in the human sexual response cycle is the ___ phase.
  • 6
    The type of sexual desire disorder that is characterized by deficient or absent sexual fantasies and urges is called ___.
    Hyperactive sexual desire disorder
    Hypoactive sexual desire disorder
    Sexual aversion disorder female orgasmic disorder
  • 7
    According to the Masters and Johnson model, there are several historical causes of sexual dysfunctions. These causes do not include
    Religious orthodoxy.
    Psychosexual trauma.
    Excessive alcohol intake.
    Excessive masturbation.
  • 8
    What term refers to an adult having sexual intercourse with a minor (someone under the age of consent)?
    Statutory rape.
    Acquaintance rape.
    Forced rape.
    Sadistic rape.
  • 9
    The penile plethysmograph is most commonly used to measure
    The origins of dyspareunia and vaginismus.
    Sexual arousal patterns in female sex offenders.
    Sexual arousal patterns in male sex offenders.
    Whether someone will re-offend sexually.
  • 10
    The following statement is not true about acquaintance rape, also known as date rape:
    Senior undergrads (second, third and fourth year students) are more likely to be assaulted than first year students.
    There is increasing use of rohypnol (date rape drug) in assaults on people who have been drinking alcohol.
    It is more common than rape by strangers.
    One-third of college women who dated experienced sexual coercion during the previous year, according to survey research.
  • 11
    Which of the following is probably the most prevalent sexual dysfunction among males?
    Hypoactive sexual desire disorder.
    Male orgasmic disorder.
    Premature ejaculation.
  • 12
    Which of the following treatments for sexual offenders would most likely include correction of distorted thinking?
    A treatment based on a stress diathesis model of sexual offenders.
    Mindfulness treatment.
    Biological treatment.
    Cognitive treatment.
  • 13
    Which of the following was not one of the components of anxiety noted?
    Cognitive: Future-focused fear
    Cognitive: Rumination.
    Physiological: Heightened arousal
    Physiological: collapse from fear
    Cognitive: Worry
  • 14
    Which of the following statements about diagnosing anxiety is inaccurate?
    The anxiety must be objectively verifiable.
    The anxiety must be associated with role impairment.
    The anxiety must be relatively intense.
    The anxiety must be causing significant distress for self or others.
    Thee anxiety must be chronic.
  • 15
    Anxiety disorders typically first develop at which age?
    Late adulthood

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