Does he like you? (99% accurate!)

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Take this quiz to find out if he is into you or if he is just being friendly.

  • 1
    How long have you known him for?
    We just met
  • 2
    Who starts the conversations?
    Mostly me.
    Mostly him.
    It's 50/50.
    We don't talk.
  • 3
    When you are talking how does he act?
    We don't talk.
    A little nervous, he makes eye contact and smiles most of the time.
    He doesn't look at my eyes, he looks mostly at my lips.
    He is busy with his phone or some other thing and barely pays you attention.
  • 4
    Does he stare at you?
    Yes, quite often.
    Not really he doesn't notice me.
  • 5
    When you catch him staring at you what does he do?
    He keeps looking at me and smiles.
    I haven't caught him staring at me yet...
    He does that to be funny...
    He quickly looks away.
  • 6
    Does he flirt with you?
    OF COURSE! He is such a flirt, he only flirts with me.
    Yes, but not always. He is always nice to me though.
    No.. maybe he is too shy to flirt...
    Kind of, but he flirts with every girl.
  • 7
    Does he get jealous when you talk with other guys?
    He gets upset and glares at us.
    He doesn't notice.
    He joins the conversation.
    Yes, he tells me to stop flirting with the other guy and that he is jealous.
  • 8
    Does he touch you?
    He pushed me and told me to move.
    He has hugged me a couple times./ We have held hands.
    He brushes me with when he walks by. Maybe it was accidentally.
    We have kissed before...
  • 9
    Do you guys text?
    No, if we do, I text him first always.
    He doesn't have a phone.
    Almost every day.
  • 10
    Finally, you should listen to what your gut is telling you... So what is it telling you?
    Probably not, he doesn't know me.
    I think he is starting to like me a little...:)
    I don't know. I'm getting mixed signals.:/
    I am pretty positive he likes me!: D

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roshiba ( 62.36 )
Posted 259 days ago
i don't no nw u love me r nt bt i love and end of my life
mpho ( 6.202 )
Posted 292 days ago
well we like spending time together and chating and he is my sweet pie
Allyson ( 02.11 )
Posted 294 days ago
OK, so. There's this guy at school that I like, his name is Nathan, and he's 3 months younger than me. I really like him and we sit next to each other at school but I dunno if he likes me, he knows I like him, but he hasn't done anything about it, I dunno if he's just being friendly or if he genuinely likes me. Plus,, I took the test and it said he doesn't know I exist. OF COURSE HE KNOWS WE TALK EVERYDAY!
not tellin' ( 8.204 )
Posted 296 days ago
weird...I took another 99/100% accurate test that said he liked me...weeeeeiiiirrrrddddd
Annie ( 5.106 )
Posted 298 days ago
Okay, I guess it could be true. I don't know if he obviously likes me. He stares at me all the time. I need some advice. We are both sky. He knows I like him,and he has my phone number (I dont think he has a phone :/)