What's Your Hogwarts House?

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Ever wondered what house you would be in if you ever got your Hogwarts letter? Wonder no more!

  • 1
    Your house is burning down and all of your pets and family members are safe. You save one thing from the fire. What is it?

    Your computer. How else would you know about what's going on it the world?
    Pet food. Sure, people would be able to provide some. But Fluffy gets depressed if she doesn't get her special food.
    One of your many trophies. What's life without pride?
    Your mother's favorite sweater. You're a family, you should look out for each other.
  • 2
    You see a kid who used to bully you being bullied. What do you do?
    Be a bystander. It's very interesting, isn't it?
    Break up the fight and tell the bully to scram.
    Run as fast as you can to get a trustworthy adult to help.
    Walk away. He shouldn't dish out what he can't take.
  • 3
    Out of the following, what is your favorite animal?
    An owl
    A wolf
    A rat
    A loving dog
  • 4
    Out of the following, what is your favorite color?
    Something bold.
    Whatever. I couldn't care less.
    I love them all!
  • 5
    What's your outlook on life?
    Life is tricky and clever, but the smart can find success in life.
    Life is wonderful because of my loved ones.
    Life sucks and I'm surrounded by idiots. Nothing seems to go my way, either.
    I can take whatever life throws at me.
  • 6
    You see your best friend cheating on a super important test. What do you do?

    Picture from potter-morehufflepuffs.tumblr.com
    Tell the teacher. You want this test to be as fair as possible.
    Nothing. This teacher deserves this.
    Corner you friend and convince him to tell the teacher himself.
    Offer to be their tutor. It's because they don't understand, right?
  • 7
    What do you look for in a person?
    That they can respect me and do things I ask them to.
    Kindness, compassion, and happiness.
    Their intelligence and knowledge. What else matters?
    Bravery, and if they can be a leader.
  • 8
    Someone framed you for a nasty prank. You could be killed, or worse: expelled. What do you do?
    Tell the teachers that it wasn't you, and that this was most likely a misunderstanding.
    Track down whoever framed you, and blackmail them.
    Prove to your teachers that it wasn't you using logic.
    Boldly tell the teachers it wasn't you, but will accept the punishment if no one comes clean.
  • 9
    You can choose any of the following house to live in. What's your choice?
    Something in the middle of downtown, near the excitement.
    Something with fast wifi, close to the library, and with space to spread out my works.
    A mansion with huge paintings of myself hanging in every room.
    Something comfortable, with a huge kitchen, super comfy beds, and lots of windows.
  • 10
    What house do you think you're in?
    I hope I'm in Hufflepuff, but would be happy in any.
    Ravenclaw, because I'm obviously the smartest one here.
    Griffindor. I'm brave, and modest too.
    Slytherin, despite my wishes.

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