Will you be a good mum?

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I have always wanted to have a child. I have worried about if I would be a good mum. This can help 10-17 year olds.

  • 1
    When asked if you would like to hold a baby, what is your response?
    No, thank you.
    I would, but the child's so fragile I might hurt them.
    Oh, yes, he/she is so cute!
  • 2
    When you think of children, what do you imagine them being?
    Children? More like little devils stuffed into tiny bodies.
    Laughing happily, handing me a flower, being just sooooo cute!
  • 3
    How organized are you?
    I'm not super disorganized, but not really organized either.
    Have you seen my room? In other words, NOT ORGANIZED.
    I am the most organized person on the planet!
  • 4
    If you had a baby girl, what would you name her?
    Joy, um, because she will be joyful?
    Oswin! It sounds like a named used for someone smart and happy.
    Ann. I literally have no idea.
  • 5
    If you had a boy baby, what would you name him?
    Daniel Everett **********************
    Greg. My janitor's name was Greg.
    Oliver, after my grandfather.
  • 6
    How old would you like to be when having your first child?
    30. I think it's just the right age to have a baby!
  • 7
    How many children do you want to have?
    2 or 3.
    I would have one child, then if I wanted to have more I could decide after that.
  • 8
    Let's say you have your first child. The child WILL NOT SLEEP. What do you do?
    Duct tape the baby's mouth shut. (PLEASE DO NOT ACTUALLY DO THIS TO YOUR CHILD!)
    Tell your partner to deal with the baby.
    Bring the baby into your bed and gradually give the baby more independence.
  • 9
    Would you die for your child?
    Yes! They are the most precious thing in the world to me.
    No! It's just a child!(I hope you do not feel this way)
    I don't know, I just really don't know. (I understand)
  • 10
    This was my first quiz! Did you like it? This does not affect your score, and I mean it, I'm telling the truth.
    It was ok, but I can see why it was your first quiz

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Gracie Attwood ( 6.179 )
Posted 185 days ago
That was so great! I would be a good mum! If I carry on I will become a good mum in the future!!!