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Want to know if you're the compassionate one or the honest one? Find out here!

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    A very close friend of yours is crying about "being ugly", what do you do?
    Tell them that they are not, and give them a shoulder to cry on
    Ask them if they really want to know, if they say "Yes" I will tell them my honest opinion
    Tell them that they are not, and then kiss them.
    Ask if they want to talk about it, and if they say,"No" then I will let them be
    Make them laugh a little so they won't even know that they were crying about it: D
  • 2
    You're having the perfect day, and a friend of yours tells you that they didn't bring enough lunch money. What do you do?
    Flirt with them and give them the amount they need, then wink at them ;)
    Tell them they need to remember to bring enough money everyday. I don't give them even a penny for their irresponsibility.
    Ask them why they don't have money and what they are getting before I give them anything
    Give them 5$ more than what they need so they can also get what they wanted last week
    Give them a few dollars and make a couple of jokes to make them smile
  • 3
    You are going to the bus before school (If you ride one, if not PRETEND) and a strange man asks for spare change, what do you do?
    Give them what they wish for and flirt with them afterwards
    Give them nothing, and say that I have none. (Which I don't)
    Give them what they wish for, and proceed with your day
    Dig in my pockets for big cash (Way over their wish) and give it to them
    Give them 2$ and make them laugh
  • 4
    The person you envy insults you, what is your response?
    Ignore them, and continue with my day
    Tell them that I really like them.
    Ask why they insult me, then tell them, "I forgive you"
    Laugh and say something sarcastic, but funny
    Tell them something that surely hurts them (While it's the truth)
  • 5
    The person you really like asks you out on the day you are mad busy, what do you tell them?
    Tell them "I don't have time that day, sorry"
    Tell them "I really appreciate the offer, but I'm quite busy"
    Tell them how busy I am, then ask if they can reschedule the date
    Tell them "Yes" I'll clear my plans for them!
    Joke with them and say "Sure"
  • 6
    You have a history report due and you forgot it in your locker. The teacher goes to collect yours. What do you do?
    Tell them "I left it in my locker, ma'am/sir"
    Make up a hilarious story of why I didn't have it
    Flirt with the teacher, then ask "May I use the restroom?" then grab it on the way
    Tell them that it is in my locker
    Tell them how sorry I am that I forgot it.
  • 7
    Today you confess to your crush of how you feel. What is your approach?
    Find a time when they are upset then tell them that I like them, then cheer them up
    Go up to them and tell them in the flirtiest way I can.
    Tell the right off the bat "I like you"
    Find time in both of our schedules then say, "I-I really..um..li-like you.."
    Joke with them, and then tell them, "I like you"
  • 8
    A friend of yours is cheating off of you, what do you do?
    Tell them that I would most likely fail and that they are not to cheat
    Tell the teacher.
    Let them
    Flirt, then I'll let it slide
    Joke with them and let them slide
  • 9
    Someone who you cannot stand, is crying about something serious. What do you do?
    Give them a shoulder to cry on, and listen to what they have to say
    Respect what they have to say
    Flirt with them
    Tell them my honest opinion, and clearly state that I hate them
    Joke with them
  • 10
    What do you see when I say "God"?
    A man with kind eyes, and opening hands
    A humorous man
    I don't know
    Nothing, for he is not real.
    A man with a sexy beard
  • 11
    Someone is being quite mean to your friend, what do you do?
    Panic, and then tell a teacher of what happened.
    Flirt with them all!
    Joke around so everyone laughs
    Say my honest opinion
    Stand up for my friend
  • 12
    What do you want your results to be?
    The honest one
    The respectful one
    The romantic one
    The humorous one
    The compassionate one

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