How Much Do You Know About Horses

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This is a quiz to test your horse knowledge!

  • 1
    What is considered standard pony height?
    14.2 hands and under
    There are only ponies
    15 hands and under
    What are hands again?
    12 hands
  • 2
    What should you do when you have ridden your horse on a cold day and he gets sweaty?
    Ask your trainer
    Put him away
    Give him a good grooming
    Walk him out, cool him out all the way or else he will get a chill
  • 3
    What is a horse race over jumps called?
  • 4
    Name America's first horse breed
    Morgan Horse
    Quarter Horse
    Pony of America
  • 5
    If you have a pony, what should you NOT do?
    Brush him. He should stay dirty
    Feed him grain, because he will get fat
    Turn him out in a pasture full of lush, green grass and let him eat for multiple hours
    Ride him at all, because he is too small
  • 6
    Your horse has colic! What do you do?
    Let him roll, it will help him. Then call the vet
    Get him standing, walk him around, check for gut noises, call the vet
    Take him out for a ride
    Ask your trainer
  • 7
    If you are out for a trail ride and your horse spooks or gets nervous, what should you do?
    Get mad at your horse and give him a good kick and a slap with your crop
    I'm not allowed to trail ride......
    Get off the horse!
    Call your trainer! She'll come get you
    Talk soothingly to your horse, pat him a couple times, and keep walking him
  • 8
    You are riding your horse. You halt. You ask your horse to go forward, but he won't! What would you do?
    Gently pull with your right or left hand, he will move in a circle. That way, you can get him moving and then go straight forward
    Get your trainer, she can help!
    Refuse to ride the unruly horse
    Kick and kick until he moves. Maybe even some slaps with the crop will help
    Get off and try to lead him forward
  • 9
    You are can'tering in an arena filled with jumps. You lose control and your horse can'ters right at a jump! Oh no! You don't have the time or room to go around it! What will you do?
    Panic, panic, panic!
    Desperately haul on the reins. Anything to stop your horse, you know you both can't jump!
    Bail! There's no way you're jumping THAT!
    Keep your horse going, and give a good squeeze with your legs when he is the correct number of strides away from the jump; two point and give rein. There's no way you won't make it over!
  • 10
    What should you do if you are in a show ring showing, and someone cuts you off?
    Make your horse walk. When the other horse is far enough away, get your mount into whatever gait you were in before
    Keep going
    Circle behind to give yourself more room
    Try to get around the horse that cut you off ; he's not getting your spot today!
    Tell the judge you got cut off

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