Which type of magical fairy are you?

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In this fun quiz, find out your special fairy name, talents, and... your fairy type! FEMALES ONLY. But the most important thing...what is your fairy name, type, and talent? Find out in this quiz!

  • 1
    What is your hobby/skill?
    I like to swim, and I've got a talent in it.
    I like... to... PARTY! Cupcakes! Balloons!
    I just like to sit by the cozy fireplace and relax...
    I guess I like animals. I love the extra company.
    I love gardening, and it is what I like most.
  • 2
    What is your eye color?
    Yellow, Red, or other warm but also sharp colors
    Brown, White&Black
    Greenish (Dark or light)
    Blue (Deep blue or Sky blue)
  • 3
    Which place do you like most?
    A place where you get to hang out with friends!
    A pet shop
    A garden with pretty flowers
    A lovely, cool swimming pool
    At home
  • 4
    Which of these magical animals do you want as your Minifairy?
    I like all Minifairies! (Love all animals!)
    A sweet bird with the ability to charm with song and voice
    A brave lion with a golden mane or a fast & loyal leopard
    An intelligent seal (Not trained, but still intelligent)
    A too-cute kitten that can charm enemies with beauty
  • 5
    What class do you like best?
    I only like break time... though classes come in handy once in a while!
    I like all classes!
    Sports class
    Swimming class
    Science class
  • 6
    Which best describes your personality?
    Calm, but sometimes energetic
    Great at sporting activities
    Shy, good, kind, smart
    I'm a hot girl!
    Loving, gentle
  • 7
    What is your motto that will carry you on though your life?
    Never give up.
    Just do it. (Nike's motto is great!")
    What you do will someday be sent back to you.
    The earth needs to stop getting polluted!
    Party poopers are not meant to be in parties!
  • 8
    Which of your family are you closet to?
    I like everyone the same!
    Little sister/brother
  • 9
    What kind of power do you want?
    I want to have the talent of all organisms, with the power to speak, understand, and read the feelings of plants and animals.
    The fire talent. I want to be immune to fire and the leaping flames!
    I want to have the fun of a Party Talent!
    The gardening talent. I just love greenery!
    The water talent. It must be good to use water like hands!
  • 10
    Did you like this quiz?
    I HATE IT SO MUCH... Bah!
    Pretty good...
    OK, I guess...

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