Are you emo?

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    Do You/Have You Ever Cut Your Wrists?

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Just a lonely fangirl (87492)
21 days ago
I'm not completely sure if im emo or something else cause i have mixed likes and dislikes. But i do know that every single test i have taken says for the majority that im either emo or scene or even goth. Its getting confusing.
Sarcastic Emo (65034)
41 days ago
This test is stereo typical not very emo has bangs and cuts
sarabadara (06046)
43 days ago
im sortof low key emo\ scene and there were not enough options. why wasnt there a "i used to option" for the cutting question, or a "Just normal with bangs" option for the hair question. IDK. whatever. Oh and btw in your opinion who is better. Gerard way or Hayley Williams...
Scourge (80774)
80 days ago
if an Emo Cuts they are either Trying to be cool to date the one Emo chick who hates you. Or they are depressed. Cutting is not Emo culture
Amethyst (80070)
86 days ago
I'm emo but I just like the emo style not being dark and all jeez
Lilie-May (04562)
96 days ago
Im kinda annoyed, not every emo cuts, and i have naturally curly blond hair, not every emo has bangs anymore, they sometimes have pixie cuts, this is more goth

next time get the genre correct
chloe (62085)
120 days ago
i found out that i am a emo :)
monica (51157)
134 days ago
i probbaly got 100% emo coz i cut myself and wear black. emo isnt about cutting -.-
Gr (33322)
275 days ago
1 spell right 2. Thus is stereotypical 3 there's more to and and not all ego's cut..It's called depression
.-. (96168)
351 days ago
most of these are traits of a mentally depressed person... aka explains me... but being emo is is more then cutting ur wrist and wearing black its about wat you like wat kinda music you listen to how you act towards people... so this should really be fixed .-. only depressed people like to cut their wrist and not only at night... mainly during a panic attack for me its almost once or twice a month maybe more it depends how bad it is. and i tried stopping for others and i gave up my needles and knifes so i think im getting better
lizzyemo (65246)
374 days ago
the test said I am emo
thatoneoutcast (16275)
380 days ago
it's upsetting that the definition of emo is now cutting yourself. Although I do, emo is not just that.
Cleo (26817)
380 days ago
The one question that asked when do you cry I don't cry myself to sleep or at school or not at all I only cry when there is somthing reply sad like sing by mcr
Feza (79567)
402 days ago
Seriously just because I don't have, black hair doesn't mean I have blonde curls. My hair is orban, I paint my nails many colours mostly, green, dark purple and blue. And no I don't cut myself cuz I'm NOT INSANE!!!!
Aleshia (40412)
403 days ago
Who said u was emo ugh guess i am
FIRETRAP (98075)
405 days ago
IM SICK OF EMO STEREOTYPES!People going around like "Oh your EMO so that means you cut your wrists" or "Your Elmo so your depressed 24/7"!JESUS EMOS CAN BE HAPPY TOO!Maybe if people actually took the time to understand emo,they would see what it's really about.
Anon (52126)
416 days ago
Leila (38758)
464 days ago
I'm goth, not emo. lol
Taliyah (48707)
465 days ago
ok , this is so dumb . what if I wear more makeup than that?what if I like no boy ? also my hair is not on the list , and emo has nothing to do with cutting.get a life
Alessia (24047)
507 days ago
Ok You just care about looks in this thing. Also it's not like every emo cuts themselves. For example me. Emo means emotional so you can't judge people to be emo by if they wear black or not! Scene is a fashion statement. Emo is a lifestile. The crator of this quiz is dumb.