When Will I Get My First Period?

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10 Questions - Developed by: Grace - Developed on: - 21.177 taken

Lots of girls want to be prepared for their special moment. Do not rely on this quiz, I am not a doctor, I am just using my own knowledge.

  • 1
    How old are you?
    9 or below
    13 or older
  • 2
    How old was your mom when she got hers?
    Younger than me
    My age
    Older than me
  • 3
    How much do you weigh?
    96 or over
    65 lbs or below
  • 4
    What size are your breasts?
    Large and developed, C or up
    Medium, A or B cup
    Small, AAA, AA, or not a padded bra yet
  • 5
    How much pubic hair do you have?
    None or a little blonde hair.
    Some hair, dark and straight
    Curly, bushy.
  • 6
    How much underarm/leg hair do you have?
    A lot! I shave every other day!
    A fair amount, I shave once a week or so.
    None, or just a little, I rarely/do not shave.
  • 7
    How frequently do you get angry or moody?
    About once a week.
    Maybe a couple times a month or never.
    Almost 3 times a week.
  • 8
    Have you had cramps below your belly button.
    All the time! It hurts!
    A couple times, it was annoying.
    Never, or maybe once, but it was not very painful.
  • 9
    How much discharge (white-yellowish goop in your underwear) do you get?
    Eww! None
    A little bit, but I didn't notice it much.
    A good amount. It gets my underwear wet.
  • 10
    Have you been crushing on anyone lately?
    Eww! No.
    YES! If not, I have a boyfriend.

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Lyssa M ( 0.239 )
Posted 14 days ago
my result was 4-6 months...
Haruka ( 96.68 )
Posted 64 days ago
I keep getting really angry at my 5 year old sister from my mood swings when she hasn't done anything wrong and I know it's natural but I still feel pretty guilty...
[BEEP] ( 4.226 )
Posted 121 days ago
To all those girls who are scared of telling to mum just go up to them and be like YO um I need adviceee plz
Madison ( 3.154 )
Posted 142 days ago
Every quiz I take says tomorrow- 1month
Bella ( 51.96 )
Posted 163 days ago
All the quizzes i took said I was about six months away from having it. Since its majority I agree but take different quizzes to be sure and estimate ur answer. Plus quizzes are fun👍🏼🤗😜
Sasha aka period freak ( 0.235 )
Posted 201 days ago
4-6 months, but I had two spots of blood in my underwear last month, and only for one day. So I don't know when but I really want it soon. :( when do you think I will really get it or is this accurate?
Crazy daisyXX ( 3.185 )
Posted 204 days ago
The best way to tell when you will get your period is to ask your mum when she got hers, you will probably get yours within 1 year of when she got hers. I was 1 year earlier than my mum and sister and some ppl were 1 year later
ems ( 50.59 )
Posted 208 days ago
All quizzes i take lately are saying 1-3 months, but it's hard to trust them! I really wanna know, but would NEVER pluck up the courage to go see a doctor!
Lola ( 50.35 )
Posted 236 days ago
most quizzes ive done have said soon like 1 month or within 3 months and i have pretty much all symptoms
Marie ( 68.79 )
Posted 238 days ago
KK_Slytherin---it sounds like you will be getting it pretty soon, in maybe the next 3 months! if i were you, id carry around pads in your bag everywhere you go, just to be prepared! Good luck!
Listen to me ( 7.194 )
Posted 272 days ago
DO NOT TRUST THIS. I already have my period and all the test i take say 5-8 months. If you really want to know, go ask a docter.
Esta ( 5.145 )
Posted 273 days ago
It said 7+ months
I got my period 9 months AGO
Not that accurate, just because im not that hairy, doesnt mean i havent had my period lol. Also im not very moody or crampy when it happens because im always kinda moody lol, the only cramps i get are in PE when we get our 3.5 ks
KK_Slytherin ( 97.90 )
Posted 276 days ago
im 11 and i got 1-3, ive had discharge for a while and a good bit of it too, i wear an A bra and had have cramping for a while its almost a daily thing now, i took a few other tests and they all said closer to the 5 month range, what do you guys think, i really really want it
Abbey ( 8.187 )
Posted 277 days ago
I got mine yesterday, and it said 7+ months! I wouldn't trust this guys...
Tetra12 ( 4.175 )
Posted 279 days ago
It works mine said 1-3 months another one by a docter
Said 1-4months
Maddy ( .0.76 )
Posted 280 days ago
Don't put full trust in these they are not accurate 😐 It could say one month but u could probably get it a year later. Every test says something different. There I no way of knowing exactly when it will come you just have to be patient xxx
Amberly ( 95.77 )
Posted 281 days ago
Tbh I wouldn't put my full trust in these kinds of quizzes. My friend took one of these, got 4-8 months, and got her period that day... But I am showing a lot of signs that it's coming. The mood swings are hard enough to deal with without the physical changes, honestly. -_-
LOL ( 6.197 )
Posted 281 days ago
Idk, tell your mom. she had her period and knows how it feels. I know its awkward to talk about this type of thing but it needs to be done. Just say " Hey mom, im a little worried about starting my period. Would it be okay if I brought a pad with me just in case something happened at school or something?" and don't stress about it! It happens to all girls.
Idk ( 8.124 )
Posted 283 days ago
I'm 11 to and it said 4-6..... I wanna start caring a pad but I'm to nervous every if my mum finds it any adopvice? Also I'm very shy and I don't like speaking to my mum abou this stuff all I can say is can you get me a bra
Happy ( 4.145 )
Posted 283 days ago
I am 11 and it said 4 - 6 months ... aahhhh