Another Lesbian Quiz

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This is for girls only or lesbian-identified males. Results may vary: for no one person, other than yourself, can truly say you are or aren't a Lesbian. That being said this is just for fun.

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    Do you have a gaydar?

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Grade 7 lesbian (70905)
Lol at least you know your crush likes you! 😂
Shirachips (75618)
I’m 12 and lesbian I have a girl hat has a crush on me and I’m not sure what to do because she is my bff and I don’t want to ha he things but she is cute an funny but I don’t want to ruin our friendship she just broke up with her girlfriend and I am happy (god I’m a jealous 💗) anyways I need advise idk what to do
Kk (63655)
15 days ago
Can someone plz help me!!!!!!!!!!!💋😭😭😭😭
Kk (63655)
15 days ago
I got lesbian and I don't know how to tell my parents I am 12 and I like my best friend she has dated a girl befor and she liked it but I don't know if she likes me. Could someone give me advice
Kate (97956)
18 days ago
It said I’m asexualWHAT
Zabid (15226)
18 days ago
I got lesbian and haven’t been with a girl and have mostly been out with guys but my best friend kissed me at a party and ever since then I’ve wanted her
Random teen (36721)
19 days ago
I am not sure how accurate it is but i havent done the whole thing yet so i think i will get bisexual or just lesbian
Angry Ace (55478)
21 days ago
Saoirse (06487)
29 days ago
I'm 110% positive im about as straight as a noodle😂 My whole family knows and except me proudly, I'm only 11 but now I'm out i feel free. If any of you want advice I'm right here✌️
Strawberry (38256)
39 days ago
Hey people! I'm bi and I would just like to say that u should be urself AT ALL TIMES. If people want u to be something u r not, too bad for them!😂
cece (32956)
43 days ago
i am lesbian and proud and there i also another les at my school :)
Katie (77206)
46 days ago
I'm 11 and a lesbian I don't know how to tel my parents.
otaku chick (60143)
63 days ago
Im twelve and just found this comment section, it's good to know there are other confused girls just like me. When I was younger, me and my bestie t that time practice kissed, but idk if that means anything. I have lost my radar when it comes to boys, and usually i am more attracted sexually to females. If someone could give me some advice that would be great!
X.hunnybun.x (37451)
93 days ago
I'm 13 and a lesbian I'm in love with my BFF but I don't know if she's bi it a lesbian someone please give me advise
waffles (12685)
109 days ago
I'm undefinable. I don't show a colour and might be asexual. so true.
Lexi (20229)
110 days ago
What is a lesbian-identified male? The definition of "lesbian" is a woman who is sexually or romantically attracted to other women so I'm a bit confused lol.
Lesbo (85792)
112 days ago
I'm bisexual bit now I'm thinking that I'm lesbian because I have recently started to lose interest in boys. I haven't come as bisexual yet and I've known for a year but I know I would receive a lot of hate if I came out as lesbian. If I think boys are hot but I probably wouldn't have💗with them am I still bisexual? -female 14
GayForGurls (65560)
116 days ago
I ttold my mom that I like a girl and she scream at me and said all gays are mentally ill PPL

I dont like that girl anymore but I'm gayer than a rainbow tbh lol
Eve (02631)
122 days ago
Zuwena H I'm down I'm lesbian
Sup_Gurlz (38142)
134 days ago
McKenna, honey, if your mom already has friends that are lesbians, chances are she won't mind to much that you're one too. Just pick a time that she's in a good mood, and if you're still nervous, try softening the blow with humor. For example, one girl came out to her mom when they were watching TV and Ellen came on the mom said "look my favorite lesbian!" the girl said "I thought I was your favorite." And that was how she came out simple as that. The best thing for you to do dear is to just be confident. If you come across as proud of yourself and your life decisions, you mother will handle it better. I hope I helped! Good luck!