Broad Personality Quiz (High School Stereotype)

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21 Questions - Developed by: Eden - Developed on: - 2.334 taken

This quiz should tell you more or less your high school stereotype

  • 1
    You've just come in from school and your parents aren't home - what do you do?
    Sit and feel sorry for myself:(
    Watch TV for a while... Then go sleep.
    Smoke some pot - not harming anyone:)
    Exercise/ go out/ go gym.
  • 2
    You start to listen to some music. What are you using?
    Games Console
  • 3
    And what are you listening to?
    Chart Music:)
    Maybe some classics, or none at all.
    Classic hip hop/ grime/ afroman
    Chilled, anything really - I mean some days i'll listen to hip-hop, another something heavier and another some indie:)
  • 4
    If you're gonna go out, where are you going?
    To the bridge...
    I need... Chicken...
    Park or something, maybe to a mate's.
    Party xD
    I either go out with my parents or not at all.
  • 5
    What's the worst thing you've ever done?
    Once I forgot to do my washing...
    Lol I had sex underage
    Ended up in hospital from suicide attempts (don't do that plz)
    Probably some weird drug other than weed, f*cked me up never doing that sh*t again bro..
    Lol whatever idc
  • 6
    What about the coolest thing you've ever done?
    I dyed my hair black:3
    Lol well I got stoned with a few mates and...(proceeds to tell story)
    One of my homework projects was huge! It took me two weeks to complete and...(continues)
    Idk man I've had loads of cool times...
    Our school sports team won!
  • 7
    David Bowie died this week!
    R.I.P Goblin King
    Maybe he wanted it, he's lucky to be able to leave this bittersweet world.
    It's really sad, we've lost a hero.
    Who the f*ck is that.
    I didn't hear about it - I pretty much have zero access to the outside world.
  • 8
    Have you ever smoked weed?
    At a party once, I fell asleep with cheetos in my hand.
    Yeah, a few times - no biggie/ Nah
    No way! Drugs are bad!
    Is this even a question?:')
    I smoke it sometimes to escape the harsh reality of the cruel world we live in...
  • 9
    Your favorite subject?
    Art, PSD etc.
    Sports: D
    Ah I don't mind, I don't enjoy any neither do I dislike any.
    Probably like, Philosophy, or maybe even Science.
    Any, I love them all.
  • 10
    Who does your friendship circle consist of?
    A few of them have stretchers... We go park after school and smoke weed and tell stories.
    Lol anyone who's cool, I don't mind.
    We all listen to hardcore music on the field at school and have black hair and feathered fringes.
    Popular kids
  • 11
    You like...
    Music, people, food, good vibes
    Weed, music, food, people.
    Music, people, sports, social media.
    School, reading, writing, homework.
    Music, hair dye, piercings, art.
  • 12
    Are you in a relationship?
    Yeah I met them online, they like the same music as me and keep me alive.
    *Looks contently at new bong* ...Yes
    Yeah, this hot chick/dude from school... We've been going out for a week today:)
    I'm not allowed!
  • 13
    Lol don't kill me, but favorite color?
    Anything lol
    Same colour as my new crepes
    Blue/Green/Purple etc
    Black, like the colour of my soul...
  • 14
    Select the box if you know which song the lyrics are from. (If you know more than one, choose your favorite)
    Today, is the greatest... Day I've ever known, can't live for tomorrow, tomorrow's much too long.
    With knives and pens, we make our plight...
    *elegant piano music*
    *roll another blunt* ....... I was gonna clean my room, until I got high.
    Is it too late now to say sorry? Cos i'm, missing more than just your body.
  • 15
    Pick one
    Black Veiled Brides/ My Chemical Romance
    Mozart/Tom Lehrer
    Smashing Pumkins/Foo Fighters
    Justin Beiber/Taylor Swift
    Afroman/Cypress Hill/Snoop Dogg
  • 16
    Choose a film:)
    The Matrix/Anchorman
    Mac and Devin go to High School/ Cheech and Chong's 'How High?'
    The Nightmare Before Christmas/ Sweeney Todd
    Pitch Perfect/High School Musical
    Planet Earth/ Star Wars
  • 17
    TV Series... Let's go.
    Breaking Bad/ Orange is the New Black
    Dr Who/ Star Trek (the original series)
    Pretty Little Liars/ The Kardashians Take Miami
    That 70's show/ Weeds
    American Horror Story/ Skins
  • 18
    Your general look consists of...
    Hair in a messy bun, gauges, simple clothes
    Skinny jeans, a pretty top/ a shirt + jeans, maybe a snapback
    Ironed trousers + shirt, smart shoes (smart look in general
    Skinny black ripped jeans, band shirt, eyeliner, canvas shoes, floppy hair
    Anything comfy lol
  • 19
    Favorite/ most preferred social media platform
    I don't use social media/ none of these
  • 20
    Video Games?
    I don't play video games...
    Sims/Second Life
  • 21
    Okok last one, which do you think you'll get?
    Nerd / Smartass/ Geek
    Goth/ Emo / Scene
    Chilled / Calm / Cool
    Stoner / Chilled / Funny
    Jock / Prep / Popular

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Emily ( 00.82 )
Posted 119 days ago
I got "The chilled one"... I thought I was going to get nerd or emo.
Nice quiz btw :)
Michael ( 4.198 )
Posted 167 days ago
This test is bogus. I'm not a stoner. I'm Straight Edge. Long live CM Punk