What would you do if you woke up as a girl?

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Your name is Kevin and you have a great life You have a handsome body; a hot, sexy girlfriend named Ainsley; a nice house; and you won a $1.0 Billion Powerball 13 weeks ago. You don't have or need a job and are set for life. Lately though, you and Ainsley have been fighting and saying stuff like, "You don't get it 'cause you're not a girl/guy!" and "This would be so much easier if you knew what it was like being a girl/guy!" Then, one night, you and your girlfriend are enjoying the night sky through the skylight above your bed when a shooting star passes by. You both look at each other and jokingly say, "I wish I were the other gender." You both fall asleep and the next thing you know...

  • 1
    You wake up from the best night's sleep you've ever had and feel...
    Weird... but good.
  • 2
    You notice your 'friend' isn't there to greet you. You sit up, then find your hair all over some boobs. You grab the hair and find that your nails are long. What do you think?
    Are these mine?
    This can't be happening!
    This is a crazy dream.
  • 3
    You look over and see you. Wait, what? Then you realize that your silly wish came true last night. You and Ainsley have switched bodies. You...
    Examine my new features in the mirror.
    Feel every part of me that's new.
    Roll over and cry.
  • 4
    You wake up your significant other, and...
    Cry with each other.
    Have some 'fun'!
    Stare at each other in disbelief.
  • 5
    You both decide you need to cope with this alone and go different ways for the day. Where do you decide to go?
    The cafe. I need to think about this over a latte macchiato.
    The beach. A tan would be nice.
    The pub. I need to get this out of my head.
  • 6
    Before you leave, you need to get changed. In the closet you pick out...
    A cute top and skirt with some heels.
    Anything cotton that's loose with a pair of sneakers.
    A bikini and a kimono cardigan with nice sandals.
  • 7
    You also have to leak bad. You search out the bathroom; how do you relieve yourself?
    I've seen Ainsley do this before, so I ignore what's going on down below and play with my boobs.
    Watch the fountain as it drizzles out.
    Try not to think about it and just go.
  • 8
    You go to the sink and wash up. You glance over at Ainsley's drawer of cosmetics. What do you put on?
    The basics.
    Everything in the drawer.
  • 9
    You spot some assorted jewelry on the counter. Your options are a necklace, earrings, bracelets, and rings. You wear...
    None of them.
    3-4 of them.
    1-2 of them.
  • 10
    You look up in the mirror and remember you have Ainsley's wavy, dirty blonde hair. It's well kept up, but a little messy from sleep. You fix it up by...
    Giving it some curls.
    Putting it in a ponytail and slapping a baseball cap over it.
    Combing it.
  • 11
    After lunch, you get bored of whatever you were doing before and go for a stroll. While you're out and about, you see an old friend named Nick who doesn't know who Ainsley is. He spots you, and comes over. You...
    Tell him he doesn't stand a chance with me, and continue on.
    Turn around and walk the other way.
    Giggle, give him a peck on the cheek, and keep walking.
  • 12
    Nick won't take no for an answer. He runs over to you and lays a big fat kiss on you. You...
    Throw an uppercut.
    Take him back to my place and have some 'fun'!
    Kiss him back. Maybe even toss in a little tongue. But eventually, I leave.
  • 13
    A little while later, you then end up finding Josie, your girlfriend before Ainsley. She too, doesn't know who Ainsley is, so it won't be weird if you seem 'different'. You stop her and...
    Invite her out for coffee.
    Chat it up with her and mildly flit, trying to detect if she has a secret ‘alternative’ side to her, then ask if she wants to come back to my place.
    Ask if she wants to go to the pub with me.
  • 14
    Josie and you end up hanging together. Where do you picture the two of you?
    In the mall, trying on sexy clothes.
    Shooting pool and drinking in the pub.
    Naked in my bed, making out.
  • 15
    After that, Josie and you go to the mall. What do you do?
    Head towards the food court.
    Some new bras. I have boobs now!
    Buy some sexy clothes.
  • 16
    Josie has to go to the bathroom. She asks you to come with, and you go. What do you do?
    Go inside and run out the bathroom before she notices.
    Wait for her outside the stall. Then, when she finishes going and opens the door, I shove her back inside and we make out.
    Play with my boobs and do my hair; and talk to her over the stall at the same time.
  • 17
    It's not that late, but you're getting tired. You decide to head home. How do you drive?
    Put the vehicle on cruse control and barely focus on the road, placing most of my attention under my clothes.
    A little slow, checking out the hottie chicks in the cars nearby while giving them the V-tongue.
    I don’t know? Normal I guess, maybe five miles over.
  • 18
    When you get back to the house, you smell something fishy. Realizing it's you, you hop into the bathtub and...
    Play with myself.
    Throw in some bubble bath and scented beads, light some candles and relax while looking at myself in the flickering light.
    Take a shower and try not look down.
  • 19
    Ainsley... I mean Kevin get's home, you go into the living room, and you decide to do something; what?
    Cuddle and watch sitcoms.
    Have some 'fun' on the couch!
  • 20
    You decide that it's time to go to sleep. Both of you get in bed and...
    Have some'fun', but in the bed!
    Fall asleep.
    Cuddle until we fall asleep.
  • 21
    During sleep that night, you both end up in the same dream together. In front of you are two doors. The first says: "Stay This Way Forever", and the second one says: "Change Back To Normal". What do you choose?
    We agree to "Stay This Way Forever".
    We agree to "Change Back To Normal".
    We disagree, so I knock Kevin out and drag him through the "Stay This Way Forever" door.

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None ( 6.112 )
Posted 112 days ago
This reminds me of this quiz http://www.allthetests.com/quiz32/quiz/1425197598/If-you-woke-up-as-a-girl
Tom ( 15.50 )
Posted 238 days ago
I like the idea of this quiz but like many other quizzes I find it poorly designed with very specific complex answers.
In particular, I quite fancy the idea of turning into a woman and I would aim to embrace it fully and enjoy myself (while it lasts), but I don't believe in heels and makeup so I wouldn't do that either. I would seek nice clothes though, as I like women wearing nice clothes.