What is your travel personality type?

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We're all different on a trip with friends - are you the one in your group with your nose in a guidebook, the one who shops 'til they drop or the one who parties until dawn? Find out in our travel personality type quiz!

  • 1
    You’ve just arrived at your dream holiday destination. As you tumble out of the plane with a bunch of your best mates you get thinking… What have you left behind?
    Colour-coded post-its for making notes. You reckon you’ll survive although you are eyeing that stand of brochures and travel guides near the exit.
    Whatever it is, you’re here now so let’s get the party started. Last one in the pool buys a round of tequilas!
    Nothing. Checklists exist for a reason.
    Not enough! You worry that you will have to wear half of your wardrobe to make space for all the treasures you buy!
  • 2
    You and your mates cram into a taxi, itching to start your trip. The driver asks where you’re headed. What’s your answer?
    To the hotel to get settled in and figure out what works for all of us.
    To the hotel. No wait! Stop the taxi – I want to look in that shop.
    Celebratory beers at the first watering hole we see. On your mark…
    To the hotel but maybe we could stop at whichever landmark is between us and the hotel on the way. So many things to see, so little time!
  • 3
    Exploring Mumbai, your group stumbles upon a sprawling local market packed with traders and exotic wares. Do you:
    Make friends with some locals and get yourself invited to a party that night.
    Enjoy exploring in the beginning and then find that you have lost your group members and spend the rest of the day trying to reconnect with them.
    Get your bargaining persona on with the traders and start filling your bags.
    Read the inscriptions on the pillars to try and decipher the history of the market because it’s not shown in your guidebook.
  • 4
    Trying out local cuisine in Thailand is fantastic. Enjoying a meal with your friends is great too. What are you worried about?
    Absolutely nothing! This place had rave reviews online.
    I wonder if the chef will give me his green curry paste recipe? Imagine coming home with that!
    I’m not worried. I just hope nothing goes wrong. The prawns were a bit weird.
    This is great but I’m just eating my way through the cash I’ve set aside for fisherman pants!
  • 5
    You have one afternoon left in Sydney before the rain arrives. What do you choose to do?
    Yacht party. Obviously.
    Wander the streets and have some time to yourself.
    Join a walking tour and soak up the historical quarter.
    Make a beeline for the nearest hipster market.
  • 6
    You’re in Paris. You have 10 euros left in your pocket on the way to the airport. What do you do with it?
    A bus ticket to cruise around the city and people-watch.
    Couple of beers with some hotties at a bar on the corner.
    Keep it in case of an emergency. You never know…
    Last minute purchases at the tourist shops in the airports. All that spending and you still haven’t bought your mom anything. Eek!
  • 7
    What is your ideal travel destination?
    Hong Kong
    Vatican City
  • 8
    Which Group Connect Function would you use the most?
    SOS – you just woke up and have no idea where you are. Your mates get a notification of your location, how to get there and your battery life.
    Chat – you like to keep the group moving together, after all, why travel if you can’t make the best memories with your mates?
    Perimeter – you like to wander and have a tendency to follow the bargains wherever they may lead. Set a perimeter so your travel companions know when you’ve wandered off.
    Meeting Point – you’ve found the best spots in the city and want to show your mates. They get the alert and are guided right there.
  • 9
    Your travel buddy has got into a fight with some Koreans as a result of her bad understanding of her phrasebook. What do you do?
    Play some music on your cellphone as loudly as possible and start jamming in the street.
    Look to your pocket travel guide for cultural understanding.
    Buy them a soju to demonstrate that you mean no harm.
    Attempt to distract them with some of your purchases of the day.
  • 10
    You are seated in the plane on your way home from your destination. What are you thinking about?
    What a great time you had with your friends.
    The shoes you didn’t buy in the market that one time. You tried to find them again but you couldn’t!
    The tour guide who said the wrong thing and got angry when you corrected him.
    All the things you can’t remember. That is how you know you had a great holiday.

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