When will I get my first period?

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Getting your first period is a big step in becoming a woman, but when will it happen?

  • 1
    How old are you?
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How much discharge do you have?
    How much discharge do you have?
  • 3
    How long have you had discharge?
    How long have you had discharge?
  • 4
    How much have you grown in the past year?
    How much have you grown in the past year?
  • 5
    How much pubic hair do you have?
  • 6
    Describe your pubic hair.
  • 7
    How long ago did your boobs start to grow?
    How long ago did your boobs start to grow?
  • 8
    How large are your boobs?
  • 9
    How much do you weigh?
    How much do you weigh?
  • 10
    Finally, how old was your mom when she got her period?
    Finally, how old was your mom when she got her period?

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SALLY* (07981)
3 days ago
guys is it normal im 14 and have all the things but no period?
Piggs (63385)
5 days ago
I am 11 almost 12.i have a pointy and sore 💗.i have fully grown my underarm hair and halfway developed my pubic hair.i always get cramps and weird pain.i have a little discharge 2 months ago.i have grew 6 inches this year.i have really stinky body odor.ineed to use deodorant everyday.i have 4 pimples.i have been eating lotssssss of food and chocolates.i always have mood swings with my parents and friends.can someone please help me when will I get my period?this test said 4 to 6 months.
Abi (52971)
5 days ago
Want my period it going to take forever to get it
ally gippetti (60367)
5 days ago
i am so sick and tired of not having my period i want it sooo bad!!!
Zayla (65878)
9 days ago
It said in 4 months and I'm only ten years old
Poptart princess (33850)
18 days ago
My discharge is really clear and stretchy
Jessica (61751)
23 days ago
I'm 12 about to turn 13 in some months my stomach hurts most times but not always and I think my period is going to start how will I know and be prepared.
Pearoy_snake (77904)
53 days ago
Ashley you are in the normal age range so u could get it any day! Look out for your discharge cuz when it's clear and stretchy that prolly means it will come it 2 weeks . But don't worry I'm 14 and don't have mine :(
Ashley (98987)
54 days ago
Im 12 about to be 13 I've had discharge for maybe about a year or more my 💗 hurt a lot !! They are medium but still need to grow more I think and I've been having cramps in my lower back and sometime in my lower stomach . Have all pubic hairs and my under arm hairs . And I wanna know if I'm getting my period soon
Annonamuus (88429)
56 days ago
91 pounds
I wear a 34B
I’ve had discharge and pubic hair for forever
Armpit hair is dark and long
Have had a couple of light cramps here and there in the past 2 weeks mood swings and cravings have also been prominent help I really want my period when will I get it?! Oh and my mom got it at 13 too
Pearoy_snake (77904)
78 days ago
I'm really worried cuz ALL of my friends have started even my younger friends!!!!:((((((( pls respond
Pearoy_snake (77904)
78 days ago
I'm 14 and don't have my period! My mom got it a 12 so did my cousin
Melanaka (12999)
102 days ago
hi guys its me again ive commented on so many other quizzes omg
age:12 almost 13
mom got it:14 (however she had no 💗 at my age and currently im a 32a which is the same size as her rn)
discharge: yes a lot i wear liners
💗: like i said, 32a and my 💗 are pretty rounded out
signs: cramps bloating tiredness headaches nausea cravings moodiness breast tenderness sweating a ton....basically all of them except no spotting
pubic hair: yep a lot its dark and curly. not as thick as a womens tho.
armpit hair: yeah some curly brown hair (not too much)
leg hair: a lot i should shave but i dont have a razor
and i get cramps literally every day
im 5'3"
i weigh around 110 lbs
i really want my period
all the quizzes say 1-3 months and everyone who estimates me says that too
ok thanks guys pls estimate
thank you i love you
Unknown (30261)
104 days ago
I have pubic hair down below and it's thick and curly black I have armpit hair and been getting 💗 Since I was 10 they aren't very big but I have also had discharge for a year or so and it's been heavier and with cramps recently but no period
Anonymous (91834)
107 days ago
I'm 12 years old
My mom started when she was 11
I way 91 pounds
I'm 5'2
My 💗 are small/medium and round
I have most of my pubic hair I guess
But I don't have ANY armpit hair
I have thick dark leg hair on my light skinned legs
(It doesn't help that my mom won't let me shave)
I've been more emotional and having mood swings lately
It said I have 5-8 months so hopefully I'll start soon it just feels like all my friends have started except me!
MillieMoooo (79122)
108 days ago
I'm really annoyed and confused and curious because I'm 13 and I haven't started my period I've done loads and loads of tested and they are all different I really really wanna start asap I know it's impossible but if anyone has tips to get it quicker plz helpppp
Anonymous (57363)
116 days ago
Also sorry the 💗 Is supposed to say b o o b s
Anonymous (57363)
116 days ago
Here is about me:
I'm 11
I'm 101 lbs. don't judge lol
4"10/ 4"10 1/2
I have small round ish 💗
I'm halve way grown in pubic hair
Had 💗 for almost a year
Had discharge for about 5 months
I can feel it when I walk
I cry a lot when I watch sad movies
I sometimes feel really nauseous
My mom had her period at around 12
My arm pit hair is growing but is blonde and wispy
Have a lot of hair on both arms and legs
If you can pls tell me when I'm going to get my first period
Puppy (86255)
131 days ago
I got 5 to 8 months and I am ready and prepared but a little scared
Me :) (05878)
232 days ago
I am 12 almost 13
Mum got it at 14
Have had discharge for like 1-2 years
96 pounds
No spotting
A/B cup
B o o b s are rounded but small
They also hurt a lot
Am always hungry
Lots of aches (headaches and cramping aches)
On an emotional roller coaster
Results have varied from; you could get it today - in 6 months ??

My friends thing I had it since it tried putting in a tampon
And it got hooked on skin and started bleeding, I thought it was my period... Nope!
So now I really want it needs my flat chested no symptoms thinks she will get it in a day friends is also frustrating me..