Cod Zombies: General Questions (call Of The Dead & Shangri La

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10 Questions - Developed by: Noé Archambot - Developed on: - 3.402 taken

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    1.  Where is the AK-74u on Shangri La?
    A. Next to the MPL
    D. Underground, in the room to where the Trap brings you
    B. Next to the Random Box
    C. Underground, in the room to where the Water Slide brings you
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    Where is the MP40 in Call of the Dead?
    B. Near stairs down to Juggernog on side of a cargo container, just after the player jumps off the boat with the power switch.
    A. Next to Deadshot
    C. Beside the power where you open a door that costs 750 points, go to the other side where sometimes the Random Box is, downstairs beside the PhD Flopper
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    3.  Which of the following (from A to D) is a feature of Shangri La? A. Teleport to Pack-A-Punch for 10 minutes ONLY. B. There are Zombie Monkeys that steal power-ups and then randomize them, dropping the current power-up upon defeat. C. This is the first map to feature female zombies. D. Zombies from Space
    A. A only
    B. A & B
    C. B & C
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    What is the baby gun on?
    B. Call of the Dead
    C. Kino Der Toten
    A. Shangri La
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    5.  What feature is from Call of the Dead?
    A. The Spikemore, a variation of the Claymore.
    C. This is the first Zombies map to only have one window in the spawn room.
    B. This is the second map where all current seven perks are available
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    6.  What is the level after Shangri La?
    E. Verruct
    A. Ascension
    C. "FIVE"
    B. Kino Der Toten
    D. Moon
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    In what map is Deadshot Daiquiri in?
    A. on Shi No Numa
    C. on Shangri La
    B. on Call of the Dead
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    8.  Where is the Semtex on Call of the Dead?
    B. Near the Sickle & Speed Cola where the slide brings you
    C. Right next to Quick Revive
    A. Near the bow of the ship on a cargo crate, next to the top entrance to Juggernog
    D. They are on the stairs of the lighthouse
  • 9
    What is the zombie map Call of the dead in the following map pack, and what is an other name of this map pack, and what is its number?
    D. Call of the Dead / Retaliation / Map Pack 2
    C. Moon / Rezurrection / Map Pack 4
    B. Call of the Dead / Retaliation / Map Pack 1
    A. Nacht Der Untoten / "FIVE" / Map Pack 5
  • 10
    10.  Where can you get the Dragunov on Shangri La?
    E. Random Box
    D. Off the Wall
    B. When the Napalm Zombie appears
    A. Beside the Pack-A-Punch machine
    C. When monkeys appear

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