What would your movie be rated?

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  • 1
    What genre is your movie?
    Kids and Family
    Horror/Murder content
  • 2
    How much violence is in your film?
    Sexually related torture, graphic rape VERY DISTURBING
    A little bit of fighting (just pushing and bullying really)
    There are fight scenes with blood but nothing disturbing.
    Violent torture scenes, Broken bones missing limbs.
  • 3
    How much sexual/nudity content is in your film?
    There is a make out scene and kissing but nothing sexual.
    We see bear breasts and there is description of sex.
    None (a little kid has a crush)
    Everything is shown! VERY PORNOGRAPHIC!
    There is some sexual content maybe a sex scene (we see nothing)
  • 4
    How much language is in your film?
    Just words like Fart, Jerk, Crap.
    Sh*t, Bit*h and Da*n are said a few time and maybe one F word
    Sh*t, Bi*ch, Damn, F*ck, are said several times
    Every other word is dark sexual Cursing VERY OFFENSIVE
  • 5
    How much blood and guts are there?
    Extremely disturbing Guts cut open, Burning alive etc.
    Nude people getting sexual organs tortured and severed.
    Lots of bloody cuts and wounds here and there.
    A scrape or cut
  • 6
    How disturbing/scary is your movie?
    A ghost story is spoken about
    A scary creature that may look disturbing exists
    Extremely frighting Nude/Sexual content EXTREMELY DARK!
    There is A very frightening scene that you will never forget!
  • 7
    How much Spiritual content is in your film?
    Sexual graphic nude scenes of devil worship. Portraying god having sex.
    Extremely disturbing Satanic worship and Religious mocking.
    A bible verse or mentions to religion ghost, angels.
    Upsetting religious content. Satanism and dark spirits
  • 8
    What is the reason for making this film?
    A true but hard to watch story. (Holocaust, crucifixion etc.) Or just a fiction horror film
    Sexual porno
    Fun Adventure series (Star Wars, Hunger games etc.)
    A fun family film!
    Comedy (adult)
  • 9
    What age do you think your film would be appropriate for?
    All ages!
  • 10
    What type of audience are you targeting?
    3rd graders
    Adults only!
    Teens and adults
    All audiences!

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