When Will You Get Your Period?

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This quiz will tell you an estimate of when you will get your first period.

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How much discharge have you got? ( egg yolk like stuff in your panties)
  • 3
    How long have you had discharge?
  • 4
    How many of these symptoms have you had lately?( tender breasts, frustrated easily, emotionally, cramps, bloating, headaches, tired and appetite change)
  • 5
    What shape are your breast?
  • 6
    How long since your breast started growing ( since the nipple started growing)
  • 7
    Do you have any pubic hair on your vagina?
  • 8
    What does the hair on your vagina look like?
  • 9
    Do you have any underarm hair?
  • 10
    When did a female relative get her first period?
  • 11
    What is your discharge like?

Comments (78)


nichole (79905)

i weigh 93 lbs
i wear a sports bra
no joke crampings NOW
lots of hair DOWN there
i"m 11
mom was 12
skin is clear
major headaches
no discharge

btw.someone please predict me
Plz help me :'( (65133)
13 days ago
breasts* not a boob
Plz help me :'( (65133)
13 days ago
can someone predict me plz?
(graphic, maybe?)

i weight 80-90 pounds
have no 💗, but its still tender.
im 12 years old.
no discharge
little light hairs, armpits/legs/ect
cramps almost every day
no back pain that i know of
no cravings really
mostly clear skin
my mom was 12-11
and my sister was 12-11
test say 1-8 months to a year
Thank you :)
Kat (45851)
30 days ago
1-3 months was first profile
Second was TODAY OR 1 MONTH!!
helppp (90867)
48 days ago
Ok, thank you Miley and gl
Miley damoude (33359)
50 days ago
Yes " helppp (90867)" there is a chance but usually you are 90-100 pounds like gl said.
Helppp (90867)
50 days ago
Thank you gl... so there’s a small chance I can still get it ?
gl (86344)
51 days ago
Helppp ( 90867 )
Your body needs enough fat to produce your period so you need to be at least 90 - 100 pounds+ but you never know, I hope it helped :)
Helppp (90867)
60 days ago
And I’m 4’6... and thanks to whoever predicts me.
Helppp (90867)
60 days ago
Can someone predict me ?
(sorta graphic)
I weight 70 -73 pounds
I wear 30a size bra(small cup light wiring)
Loads of discharge (spotting often? I’m pretty sure)
Lot of hair every where not too much
Lot of lower back aches no cramps
I'm getting little more pimples
I crave food but i rarely crave chocolate
Moms age: I think 12-14
Sister: 13 1/2
I just turned 13 like 5months ago
Quizzes estimates about: 1 month- 1year / 1- 3 months / 6-8 months
I kinda want it but I’m scared
Thank u
Humminbee (07626)
104 days ago
Thanks :)
Kenzie (47239)
105 days ago
Humminbee you should get your period sometime in the next month to three months
Kenzie (47239)
105 days ago
This is probably one of the most accurate quizzes. I got my first period a month ago and this is pretty accurate it says in a month or tomorrow. It's pretty reliable.
%uD83D%uDD34 (59148)
108 days ago
Chloe u should get yours in the next couple months but no more then a year. ( keep in mind I have the same thing exsepted I have cramps but no period yet so I'm not an expert) hope this helps!!!!!
chloe (12632)
114 days ago
can some one predict me please
chloe (05129)
115 days ago
please predict me someone
chloe (05129)
115 days ago
someone please predict for me
i'll be 14 in february
i'm 5"4 ish
i'm 70-75 kg
my mum was 12 when she got hers
shave my arms EVERYDAY and legs once a week
b cup growing for a year and a bit
between pointy and round
full pubic hair
discharge everyday
no cramps
Humminbee (07626)
116 days ago
Hi I'm sorry this is going to seem a little rude but could someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE estimate me, I'm right bellow Lucy's comments
Thanks ;)
Dancer (70696)
119 days ago
lolll I do have an aunt but she's not blood related and I'll ask my grandma. Thx!!!
lolll (03570)
119 days ago
dancer do you have an aunt from your dads side and when did she get hers (because everyone gets more genes from their dad) and i not ask your grandma, but anyway you might get it in the span of next week and 2 months. Good luck!!!