How well do you know the Hunger Games?

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How well did you pay attention? This quiz can find out! (This is based solely on the books, the films are slightly different.)

  • 1
    Who is Madge?
    Commander of District 8.
    The daughter of District 12's mayor.
    Katniss's best friend, who sometimes went hunting with her.
    Katniss neighbour, who Katniss liked but didn't talk to much.
    Mr Everdeen's secret girlfriend.
  • 2
    What item saved the lives of Katniss, Peeta, Finnick and Mags in the 3rd Quarter Quell?
    A throwing knife
    A spile
    A map of the arena
    Nightlock Berries
  • 3
    What was special about the 25th Hunger Games?
    The only weapons were spiked golf balls.
    There were twice as many tributes.
    The District had to vote to decide who would be their tribute.
    There were no weapons at all.
    The arena was based on Atlantis, and sunk 10m every day.
  • 4
    What was Gale whipped for, and how was he caught?
    He tried to kill the new Head Peacekeeper, and dislocated the guy's shoulder.
    He was caught kissing Katniss, which proved to Snow that she didn't love Peeta. So Snow sent orders for Gale to be whipped as a warning.
    Rory told Cray that Gale had been hunting.
    He stole apples from Greasy Sae. Moira reported him.
    He killed a wild turkey, and, when he went to sell it to Cray, he found a new Head Peacekeeper, who was not impressed.
  • 5
    In Katniss's first games, where does Cato cut Peeta?
    Right shoulder.
    Right leg. Below the knee.
    Left ankle. Not very deep.
    Left leg. Up high.
    Forehead. Lots of blood.
  • 6
    What is the name of the District 12 female Avox?
  • 7
    How does Katniss describe Alma Coin's eyes?
    Too uniform and dark. Like everything else here in 13.
    Like the sea, deep and mysterious. She's been through a lot.
    Dark and quite unnerving, and you can't shake the feeling she's always watching.
    Cold and angry. But also desperate.
    The colour of slush you wish would just melt away.
  • 8
    Who was the name of the female tribute from 8 in the 3rd Quarter Quell?
  • 9
    Which of these words does Katniss use to describe Cinna when she discovers he has been killed?
  • 10
    Which of these quotes did Gale say?
    "Katniss said I wasn't to let you stay."
    "That I can feed you turnips?"
    "How can I eat potatoes when I can't even sit upright? "

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