Which Warrior Cats Medicine Cat Are You?

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This is a personality quiz to see which of the five medicine cats you would be. This quiz is set at the time of The Last Hope.

  • 1
    What color eyes do you have? (as a cat, not a human)
    Blind Blue
  • 2
    What color fur do you have?
    Golden tabby
    Mottled brown and white
    Pale gray tabby
    Brown tabby
    Silver-gray tabby
  • 3
    What allegiance were your parent of?
    One was of ThunderClan and the other was of WindClan.
    One of them was a rogue and the other was from ShadowClan.
    They are both unknown.
    One was of ShadowClan and the other is unknown.
    Neither of them are mentioned.
  • 4
    Were you ever non-Clan?
    No way!
    Yes, I was a kittypet.
    Yes, I was born a rogue.
    No, never.
  • 5
    Was your mentor a she-cat or a tom? Are they still alive?
    Tom and no.
    Tom; he's in StarClan.
    She-cat and yes.
    She-cat and yes, in a way.
    Tom and he's dead.
  • 6
    Did you ever have an apprentice? How many?
    No, my mentor only died a short while ago.
    Yes, just one of them, though and I couldn't train her completely.
    Yes, but only one.
    Yes, but my only one died.
    No, never.
  • 7
    How long have you been a medicine cat?
    I have served my Clan long and well.
    Not too long, but it my apprenticeship wasn't very recent.
    Not terribly long, but I had no choice.
    I didn't become a full medicine cat until a short time ago.
    For quite some time now.
  • 8
    Did you have siblings? How many?
    None that are known.
    Yes, two.
    Two of them.
  • 9
    Were your siblings toms or she-cats? Are they still alive?
    Both of my brothers are dead.
    A brother and a sister, but one died very recently.
    Two brothers, but they are both dead.
    I don't have any siblings.
    Still I don't have any.
  • 10
    How many Clan leaders are you closely related to?
    My family is pretty much unknown.
    Four of them.
    None, really.
    Only one.

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B Kitten ( 7.134 )
Posted 202 days ago
This test is awesome!