Does your Crush like You? (Female, Straight, Pre-Teen Quiz)

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    Do yo ever catch your crush staring at you?
    He has a few times, I'm not sure if they were on purpose, or if it was just from looking around.
    He does a few times a day.
    Sometimes, I would guess at least once a day.
    He does it multiple times a day.
    I might have seen him looking once, but not really.
  • 2
    How much do you communicate with your crush?
    A lot, he's one of my friends who I'm not afraid to talk to, hopefully vise-versa.
    Multiple times a week.
    Probably about homework, other people, or just random things.
    We probably have once or twice.
    Yeah, and sometimes he just mentions silly things that don't need to be mentioned, like for my attention...
  • 3
    When you communicate, do you make eye contact with each other?
    Yes, and sometimes one of us will blush.
    Eh, not really. I'm just too nervous...
    We normally just look right at each other.
    Sometimes, others we don't
    A couple of times, but not the majority of the time.
  • 4
    Do you often communicate on social media?
    No. I don't know who he texts.
    Yeah, sometimes it's for homework, but he can still get a giggle out of me.
    Not really, but we have a couple of times.
    He doesn't have any social media expect msg, but he doesn't have anyone's number.
    Yes, we communicate often, no matter what it be through. I laugh a little at the things he says sometimes.
  • 5
    Do you have many things in common?
    Yes, of course, we have a few uncommon things, but we like to talk about them.
    Nope. We don't really talk about many things about each other.
    Yes, but they're not always our topic during little convos.
    A few, but only one to five. Not a crazy amount.
    Yeah, we've talked about our hobbies once or twice.
  • 6
    Would you say he likes to spend time with you?
    Pretty much, we talk when we get the chance.
    I'm not sure.
    Sort of, we're not obsessed, but it's healthy for our age.
    Sure, we like to laugh and we're loose while having convos.
    Not really.
  • 7
    When you see each other when you're out and about and have time, how do you spend it with each other (This question depends on the circumstance, one example is like a reception, but when there are other people your age and you have room to move freely with them)?
    Sometimes, we hang around for a little.
    We can roam around, but with others, of course, and we, well, at least I, have a good time with everyone (especially him).
    We normally just ignore each other.
    We share a few words sometimes.
    We have once or twice, and I normally enjoy it for a few minutes.
  • 8
    How does he act around you compared to others?
    We don't really talk much, so I can't really give an answer to this.
    Pretty much normal, but it's always a nice conversation.
    Sweet and funny, not mean, he teases me sometimes and we share a laugh.
    Normal, maybe a little funky* a few times. *Not himself or odd, like he's avoiding being himself
  • 9
    Do you feel like he tries to be around you when you're in the same room or area?
    Yes, almost like when I move somewhere, he looks and slowly makes he way near me.
    Sometimes, but it might be on accident.
    No, it's almost like he avoids me.
    Maybe once a long time ago.
    Once or twice, but I'm not positive it was because of me.
  • 10
    Has he ever liked you in the past, or been teased/accused of liking you? Do people ever accuse you guys of liking each other?
    Yes, people have accused us of liking each other recently, and I feel like he's liked me once.
    He's liked me before and told me, and we're still accused of liking each other. I hide my crush, though. Maybe he does, too.
    Not really. Maybe once a long, long, time ago.
    Never has any of this happened to me before.
    People have joked about us liking each other before, but he brushed it off easily.

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