Does She Like Me? (Middle School)

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Have you ever wanted to know if that girl you're crushing on likes you back? Well, just take my accurate quiz to find out! Remember, no one will see your results, so please be honest when answering so you can get an accurate answer.

  • 1
    How do you know her?
    I saw her on facebook one day
    We met at a dance
    She doesn't really know who I am...
    She's my friend's...(uncle's sister's brother's father's step-mother's...etc.)
    From school
  • 2
    What do you talk about?
    Jerky teachers, our friends, stuff like that
    Just random stuff...
    We don't talk...
    Our interests, our passions, our hopes(to date her), our dreams(her);)
    She does all the talking, I don't really listen...
  • 3
    How does she act around you?
    Super outgoing and friendly
    Outgoing, but that's who she is
    Shy, but that's who she is
  • 4
    Be honest: How many people know you like her?
    The whole school!(Even her)
    Only my closest friends
    Why would I ever TELL anyone? That's a rookie mistake!
    Um... I don't like her?
    Everyone I know (except her, of course)
  • 5
    Has she ever complimented you?
    Yes, and I did back.
    No, but I've complimented her!
    Yes, out of nowhere!
    Yes, after I did.
  • 6
    Is she currently in a relationship?
    Yes, and she hates it.
    No, but she asked me out(Again, why?)
    No, she's not allowed
    Yes, and she loves him! (Why are you here?)
  • 7
    What fits you best?
    "Bad boy"
  • 8
    If you told her you liked her, how did she respond?
    She asked me out:]
    I didn't.
    She said she needed to go
    She kissed me
    She told me she liked me back (why are you here?)
  • 9
    Have you kissed yet?
    *Throws up*
    Um, no! I'm in middle school!
    Yep. (WHY. ARE. YOU. HERE?)
    Not yet... ;} (We are dating though)
  • 10
    Does she ever stare at you in class?
    Yes! All the time!
    I don't know... Maybe?
    We don't have any classes together
  • 11
    Who initiates the conversation?
    Her... All. The. Time.
    Me. Always me.
    We don't talk!:(
    It's about 50/50
  • 12
    How would you describe your relationship with her?
    Good friends
    Best friends!
    She doesn't even know I exist:(
  • 13
    How long have you liked her?
    A few years
    IDK, it's too long to count
    A few days
    A couple of months
    Just today, actually!:)
  • 14
    She trips in the hall and drops all of her stuff... what do you do?
    I start showing off my muscles, cracking jokes, and trying to flirt with her (SHE'S ANNOYED BY YOU IDIOT! DON'T DO THAT!)
    I immediately rush over to help her pick stuff up(and maybe "accidentally" touch hands)
    I cause a big scene and get my Romeo on! *Rolls eyes*
    I ignore it
  • 15
    When talking, how is her body language?
    We don't talk...
    She's staring into my eyes and her feet are pointed towards me
    She's looking at the ground, and blushing
    She's walking away...
  • 16
    If you went to a dance, did you dance with her?
    We don't have dances...
    No, but we talked a lot
    No, but I asked?
    Yes, but just as friends!
    Yes, she asked me!

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Dac ( 5.239 )
Posted 154 days ago
I am a girl and this quiz is pretty correct
Aidan Borion ( 6.164 )
Posted 186 days ago
There wasnt a option for "she thinks that you are weird and the only reason that she talks or stares at you is because she is wondering what the hell youre doing"
I have a sad, sad social life.
bhai ( 39.15 )
Posted 247 days ago
the quiz have no result
anthynie ( 4.227 )
Posted 249 days ago
nnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccc ccccccccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee quiz