Attack on Titan - Hardcore Fan's Test!

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15 Questions - Developed by: Asuka Himawari - Developed on: - 3.285 taken

This test includes probably anything from the anime and the manga.

  • 1
    ANIME: What metre-class Titan first appeared in the first episode?
    5 metre-class
    15 metre-class
    10 metre-class
  • 2
    ANIME: Where, how and to who did Bertolt explained his first Titan encounter?
    During the night at the Trainee's Camp, he explained that he felt the ground shaking, the animals going havoc and when he opened his window a Titan's eye was visible. He explained this to Eren and Armin.
    During curfew at the Trainee's Camp, he explained how his house was crushed by the Titans. He explained this to Eren and Armin.
    During the night at the cafeteria of the Trainee's Camp, he explained that he saw the Titans approaching but he was too scared to move and passed out. He explained this to Eren and Annie.
  • 3
    ANIME/MANGA: Who else, besides Marco, has freckles?
  • 4
    MANGA: What did Kenny Ackerman refer himself to Levi's mother?
    Her little brother
    Her husband
    Her big brother
  • 5
    MANGA: What was Kenny's actual reason to help Rod Reiss to capture Eren?
    Kenny and Rod Reiss work together and were best buddies since childhood.
    He wanted to crush the agreement with Rod Reiss and use the Titan power for himself.
    Rod Reiss promised to introduce Kenny to Levi as soon as Eren was captured.
  • 6
    MANGA: Who did Jean and Armin disguised as on the day of confronting the Reeves Company?
    Bertolt and Annie
    Eren and Annie
    Eren and Historia
  • 7
    ANIME: How many metres tall were the trees in the Forest of Giant trees during the 57th Expedition?
    50 metres
    80 metres
    60 metres
  • 8
    MANGA: Who was the former Commander before Commander Erwin Smith was elected?
    Darius Zackley
    Nile Dawk
    Keith Shadis
  • 9
    MANGA: With what and how did Sasha kill the Titan when she rescued a little girl from her village?
    She threw and axe into the Titan's eye.
    She pierced an arrow into the Titan's eye with her bare hands.
    She shot a fire arrow onto the Titan and let it burn to death.
  • 10
    ANIME: Who has the most total Titan kills within the former Special Operation Squad?
    Eld Gin with 47 total Titan kills
    Auruo Bossard with 59 total Titan kills
    Gunther Schultz with 49 total Titan kills
    Petra Ral with 58 total Titan kills
  • 11
    MANGA: Who was the soldier of the Survey Corps who dreadfully wanted to have wine during the attack on Castle Utguard?
  • 12
    MANGA: Why did Marco died?
    His leg was stuck under rubble
    His 3D Manuever Gear broke down
    He was betrayed three of the 104th Trainees Squad
  • 13
    MANGA: At what turn did Eren failed to transform into a Titan with his butt sticking out of the Titan's nape?
    Fourth turn
    Fifth turn
    Third turn
  • 14
    ANIME: Who was missing from the 57th Expedition?

    (Note: It's not who WENT missing DURING the expedition. Re-read before you answer)
    Bertolt Hoover
    Annie Leonhardt
    Marco Bodt
  • 15
    MANGA: What was the latest invention created by the Survey Corps to defeat the Armored Titan?
    The Thunder Spear
    The Mechanical Gun
    The Freezing Arrows

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