The hardest Harry Potter quiz you will ever take (seriously)!

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So you think you're a Potterhead, don't you? Well, this will truly decide! Hermione Granger might even have trouble passing this one. Give it a try, if you dare!

  • 1
    Goblet of Fire: Who was Hannah Abbot trading Chocolate Frog cards with in the Three Broomsticks?
    Seamus Finnegan
    Eloise Midgen
    Ernie Macmillan
    Neville Longbottom
    Susan Bones
  • 2
    Deathly Hallows: What does Amycus Carrow answer the eagle door knocker leading to the Ravenclaw common room after it has asked its question?
    "Shut it, you old besom!"
    "I don't know, do I? Let me in or I'll make you!"
    "I don't know, do I? Shut it!"
    "I don't know, you old besom. Shut it!"
    "I don't know! Shut it, or I'll do it for you!"
  • 3
    Sorcerer's Stone: During the exams, where does Harry say it is "sweltering hot"?
    In the small classrooms, where they were tested privately
    Outside, where they performed the charms they had learned
    In the Great Hall, where those who were waiting to be tested sat
    In the dungeons, where they were demonstrating their potion antidotes
    In the large classroom, where they did their written papers
  • 4
    Half-Blood Prince: What two things does Harry say he has been thwarted in?
    Efforts to start a conversation with Slughorn, attempts to get rid of Romilda Vane's cauldron cakes
    Efforts to get rid of Lavender, efforts to get rid of McLaggen
    Attempts to find out what Malfoy was doing, efforts to get rid of Lavender
    Efforts to start a conversation with Slughorn, efforts to get rid of McLaggen
    Attempts to find out what Malfoy was doing, efforts to start a conversation with Slughorn
  • 5
    Chamber of Secrets: What food was the ghost at Nearly Headless Nick's death day party trying to taste?
    Steak and kidney pie
    Earwax-flavored every flavor bean
    Roast Hippogriff
    Old salmon
    Pumpkin juice
  • 6
    Order of the Phoenix: Where did the Dursleys go when Tonks lured them out of the house?
    The All-England Best-Kept Suburban Lawn Competition
    Grunnings Drill Convention
    All-England Best-Kept Lawn Competition
    International Wrestling Competition
    The All-England Drill Convention
  • 7
    Prisoner of Azkaban: What is Aunt Marge's waistband made out of?
  • 8
    Goblet of Fire: How many times did Harry read "Flying with the Cannons"?
  • 9
    Prisoner of Azkaban: How was Crookshanks described?
    Bandy-legged and cow-faced
    Squash-faced and bow-legged
    Cow-faced and bow-legged
    Hairy and large
    Bandy-legged and squash-faced
  • 10
    Deathly Hallows: How did Hermione protect the beaded bag from the Snatchers?
    Concealing it with a Disillusionment Charm
    Stuffing it down her pant leg
    Stuffing it down her sock
    Stuffing it down Ron's throat
    Concealing it with the Invisibility Cloak

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Zee ( 58.31 )
Posted 220 days ago
many of the answers were correct, but it showed those SAME answers again and said- sorry, your answer was incorrect. Correct answer:...

This ain't right!