Does He Love You?

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This quiz is mainly pointed towards girls liking boys, but if you're a girl, (or even a guy!) this quiz will be compatible.

  • 1
    How does s/he look at you?
    Like I'm Voldemort or something,:'(
    Like a normal Person.
    S/he looks at me, smiles/blushes, and looks away.
    We've never met...
  • 2
    How Does his/her friends act when they are all with you?
    Nothing. Sometimes like I'm not even there.
    Um, like normal friends? Idk
    They whisper and tease him/her while pointing and laughing.
    They whisper and point at me.
  • 3
    Has s/he asked you out?
    Only in my dreams...
    Does it count if it was in kindergarten and/or younger...?
    Yes, but I said no. I wasn't ready to be in a relationship with him/her.
    Yes! The thought keeps replaying in my mind... ;3
  • 4
    What Relationship status is s/he in...?
    S/he is in a relationship, but I'm almost certain he's gonna break up ... ;3
    In a very serious relationship, sadly...
  • 5
    Does s/he talk about other girls or boys around you?
    Yes. And I think S/he really likes them.
    Yeah, we don't talk... at all.
    No. Not at all.
    Yeah, but I think he does to get me jealous...
  • 6
    Are you guys friends? Does s/he even know you?
    Yes, s/he knows me. We're best friends!
    We know each other, I guess you could call us friends, we just don't really hang out.
    S/he's my enemy! Buuuuuut, I'm kinda starting to like him/her.
    Ummm, does staring at him/her any chance I get but not really knowing him/her count?
  • 7
    Does s/he physically touch you?
    S/he touches me, like hugging and stuff, but I think it's playfully...
    S/he hits me sometimes, and it hurts.
    S/he High fives me and that sorta thing.
    S/he hits me, but playfully.
  • 8
    Is it young Love?
  • 9
    Do your friends get along?
    Eh eh
    Yeah, we hang out all the time!
    No, we hate each other.
    They get along, just not necessarily best friends, though.
  • 10
    Does s/he know you Like him/her?
    Idk, I think so.
    Yes, my friend told them.
    No, I don't tell anybody/closest friends.
  • 11
    How do you act around him or her?
    Confident, bold, awesome. ;3
    Shy, embarrassed about my love for him/her
    Casual. The usual.
    We don't hang out... at all.
  • 12
    How often do you think about him or her?
    Sometime. Okay, a lot of the time.
    Eh, occasionally.
    Not really ever, Other things are on my mind.
  • 13
    When you think about him or her, what exactly do you think about?
    How much I wanna SQUEEZE him/her. (In a good way!)
    About how I'm gonna kill them the next day/or pretend I hate them.
    About how perfect they are! (hearts above head)
    How HAWT s/he is! ;3
  • 14
    Does s/he have your number/social media account?
    None. ;'(
    Yep. All of 'em that he/she has.
    Every single social media and phone number they have. From their instagram, to their parents home phone!
    Eh just their phone number. that's pretty much it.
  • 15
    How much does s/he text you?
    Sometimes, whenever s/he can.
    All the time! We're best buds!
    Never, I told you I don't have the phone # or social media.
  • 16
    How often does s/he try to talk to you?
    We don't speak... Pick this one if none of the above match.:'(
    Occasionally, sometimes not for a while.
    Anytime we can, without getting in trouble.
    All the time! even when the teacher is talking.
  • 17
    How well do you know each other?
    We could know more about each other, but not to bad.
    Pretty Well, for how long we've known each other.
    Almost everything!
    Close to none/or very little.
  • 18
    How long have you known each other?
    Not very long, 5 days - 5 weeks.
    12 months or more, Yay!
    5 weeks - 5 months.
    5 months - 12 months.
  • 19
    Are you guys a couple? (sorry if I have already asked this question, lol my first quiz, yay!)
    Yes! Woo-Hoo!
    No, he doesn't even know I exist.
    No, just friends.
    We broke/thinking about getting back together.
  • 20
    LAST QUESTION! What do you think you'll get?
    I think s/he loves me... hehehe!
    Probably not:'(
    Idk, lol.
    Maybe, probably no, because he hasn't met me yet...

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Kelly Martin ( 25.40 )
Posted 183 days ago
This is probably ok. We go out and kiss and stuff. The test said he loved me, and I hope it's correct. ;)
bella ( 26.54 )
Posted 237 days ago
i hope he is nt joking when he said he loves me
becca ( 7.233 )
Posted 256 days ago
he might like me. my crush asked my sis out it hurts. But is friends say he likes me.