What do your classmates think of you?

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You may think you're a class clown, or a beauty queen, but are you really? Take this quiz to find out!

  • 1
    You are in history, and the teacher, Mr. Browne, is rambling on about some old war. What are you doing?
    You try to look interested, but you really aren't at all.
    You make a joke about Mr. Browne, but no one laughs.
    You roll your eyes, and twirl your hair.
    You perfectly imitate Mr. Browne when he turns his back. Everyone is laughing.
    You sit with your head on your desk, trying hard not to fall asleep.
  • 2
    In Maths, you have to get into groups of 5, but your friendship group consists of 6 friends. There's you, 4 awesome friends, and one girl who you don't really like too much. Your teacher says one person has to leave the group. What do you do?
    You roll your eyes tell start talking trash about the girl you don't like.
    You shrug, and offer to leave the group if no one else wants to. You are still friends with others!
    You stand there, hoping that you don't have to leave.
    You automatically offer to leave the group. Who cares, it's only for an hour! Your friends look upset as you leave.
    You do NOT want to leave, but eventually a kid from your group offers to leave. The others roll their eyes at you.
  • 3
    Describe your friendship group.
    I'm friends with everyone, genders don't really divide me. I have a few closer friends, but I like to hang out with others, too.
    I have a nice friendship group I guess.
    Well, I hang out with like 10 other people, we all have the NEWEST phones, and we are SO POPULAR!
    I like some people more than others, but I don't like to say, because it hurts their feelings.
    I have SO MANY homies! But if we get into partners or something, no one goes with me, and I don't know why!
  • 4
    You get paired up with your crush in an activity. What do you do the whole session?
    You smile at them constantly, and have a normal conversation.
    You try talk to him, but he kind of ignores you a little. When the bell goes, he looks relieved.
    You talk about random things, tell jokes, etc.
    You flirt with him.
  • 5
    Truth or dare?
    Dare- I can show off my AMAZING skills to everyone! I normally don't get invited to play, though...
    Truth- Dares are SO embarrassing! They can TOTALLY ruin my reputation!
    Dare- Choosing truth can lead to gossip, and gossip can be cruel sometimes.
    Dare- I can make people laugh!
    Truth- I get a little nervous doing dares!
  • 6
    Someone accidentally pushes you, and doesn't apologise. What do you do?
    I groan really loudly, pretending to die. No one even cares. I guess that joke wasn't my best...
    Nothing really... why do I care, exactly?
    I roll my eyes. "Watch it! Jesus!"
    I ignore them.
    They probably didn't even notice they did it... oh well.
  • 7
    How do you solve people's problems?
    I put myself in their shoes, and I see what I can do to fix the problem.
    Wait... am I meant to like help people? Isn't that what counselors do...?
    I don't HELP people, okay? Unless you pay me. Then we can arrange a plan.
    I just try to do what's best.
    I don't know! I guess I can make people laugh...
  • 8
    You turn up to school, and you realise that you are wearing your hideous pajama pants! How does everyone react?
    They laugh, and I soon join them, joking about my shorts all day. No one really cares.
    I go red, but eventually everyone gets used to it, and no one cares.
    I almost break down into tears, and people are whispering about it all day.
    I smile my way through it, and no one really speaks about it.
    OH MY GOD! I have to call my mum! This is the WORST. DAY. OF. MY. LIFE!
  • 9
    Out of the jobs listed below, which one would you most want to do?
    Helping disabled children, working at a homeless shelter, rescuing injured animals, etc.- Helping those in need.
    I have no idea. I'd do something that makes EVERYONE LOVE ME!
    A model- Showing off beauty!
    Youtuber or comedian- Make someone laugh every day, and be the best I can be.
    Maybe a doctor or something? I guess I'll just follow my passion...
  • 10
    You are awesome!
    Aw, that's so sweet!
    Ex-CUSE me?
    You too!
    Why are you being that nice to me?

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Michael ( 4.198 )
Posted 166 days ago
I'm either loved or hated. How does that work out, someone tell me that.
Bob ( 1.153 )
Posted 246 days ago
everyone hates me!waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah