How well do you know Aphmau's Mystreet?

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10 Questions - Developed by: Thais - Developed on: - 29.584 taken - User Rating: 2.63 of 5.0 - 16 Votes

Do you think you are a true fan of Aphmau? Well, you aren't, but I am. Take this quiz to see how close you can be to being such a fan like me by testing your knowledge on Mystreet.

  • 1
    How many of her episodes are parts?( ________ part 1,
    _____________ part 2, ect.)
  • 2
    Why does Aphmau get the biggest bedroom?
  • 3
    Who does Kawaii~Chan ship with Aphmau?
  • 4
    On which day was the first Mystreet video posted?
  • 5
    Who voices Dante and Zane?
  • 6
    On which day was Aphmau born?( This is not a mystreet question, but some are not about mystreet)
  • 7
    Where was Aphmau born?
  • 8
    I'm running out of things... Did you subscribe to Aphmau?
  • 9
    What is aphmau's real name?
  • 10
    DO YOU LIKE MY QUIZ?(This is my first quiz)

Comments (14)


Ashleywerewolf DRAWING (08934)
10 days ago
Hi im Ashleywerewolf drawing and i think this is a good quiz so i hop you make a notherone ok bye
Aphmau lover (71711)
44 days ago
I subscribe to Aphmau and on my first try I got a 10/10
Wrecker Warrior (89181)
139 days ago
Lavanya (40656)
141 days ago
For the first question I thought u meant in season 1
didn't understand (27793)
151 days ago
I didn't understand the first qeustion
maria (94274)
154 days ago
also the message of the quiz is kind of mean and wrong everyone dosent know alot about aphmau even you so get your facts straight with the message
maria (94274)
154 days ago
1. her birthday is oct 16 1986
2. i cant put yaaaaaaas about your quiz cause that is your opinion
3. i did sub to aph but it put the wrong one
kerri (10253)
156 days ago
it was OK but some answers were wrong like:
q6 it was to specific for her birthday
q1 it is not clear if you were just talking about season 1 or any other season
but also it is not a question from my street it dose not need to be in the quiz and by that i mean the last question because it is suppose to be about aphmau

i am not trying to offense anyone just some advice
Luna (57190)
189 days ago
Some of this questions are not right quiz 6 is October 16 1989 not a monday
and there is more
Emma (72298)
238 days ago
Is not my fault I don't know I haven't seen all of it>:(bbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!
Skyler (69375)
352 days ago
Aphmau got the biggest room because kawaii~chan and Katelyn wanted her to have it.....
Liyah (45119)
563 days ago
WRONG! Aphmau has 5! Part in MyStreet! bad quiz maker!
erhpmew (78742)
591 days ago
SERIOUSLY it was about Mystreets, not about how "enthusiastic" you are. OMAHIRENE i didn't pick YASSSSSS on two of the questions? idk NYTHING ABOUT MYSTREETS!! and Aphmau was actually born on the 16th of October so yah
Huge aphmau fan (69987)
611 days ago
Awesome quiz you did awesome for a first quiz