What is your current weight?

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Are you obese, fat, chubby, normal or skinny

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    When you sit down how many rolls of fat do you see?
    I see a flat-ish stomach, maybe 0-2 rolls
    About 3-5 rolls
    About 5-6
    Do ribs count? I see a lot of ribs/A flat stomach
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    When you stand up and look down, what do you see?
    Tips of toes and stomach/just stomach
    Legs, feet, floor
    Legs, feet, floor
    Feet, some stomach
    Toes, mostly stomach
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    How much of your stomach spills over your pants?
    A bit/I have a slight muffin top
    A fair bit, I have a muffin top
    Umm....none, my stomach is tight and firm
    Not really any, maybe a little
    Heaps, I can't see any of my belt/top of pants
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    How any meals do you eat a day?
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    How much do you eat?
    What's on my plate, plus more
    Just whatever is on my plate, sometimes I leave some food or get more
    A little
    I get extra servings/I eat until I am full
    I totally pig out, eat as much as I can
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    Do you snack?
    Not really
    A lot
    I snack all the time!/I am always eating
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    Do you exercise? How far can you run before you get puffed?
    Yeah, I do sport outside of school. I get puffed if I run a lot.
    Not at all, unless that counts as turning the TV on or getting food from the fridge. I get out of breath walking to the couch!
    No. I get really puffed!
    Yeah, heaps! I never get puffed!
    Not really. I get puffed pretty easily.
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    Has anyone ever commented on your weight?
    People say I am really fat and that I need to lose heaps of weight.:( I get bullied a lot.
    Not really, maybe once or twice?
    Yeah, people say I am really skinny.
    People say I am fat. I get bullied a bit.
    Yeah, some people say I am chubby/fat
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    Do people laugh at you when you exercise?
    Yeah, people laugh at me..
    People laugh heaps!:(
    No, people clap
    Yeah, sometimes
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    What do you think about your weight?
    I think I am chubby, I could lose some kg
    Idk. I am pretty skinny I guess
    I am fat,
    I think I am pretty skinny. Maybe a bit under or over weight
    I am really obese:(
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    Do you gain any pounds after each meal? How do you feel at the end of a meal?
    I gain .5-1 kilo from each meal. I always feel really full afterwards.
    No. I feel the same as I did before the meal.
    No.. I might gain point something of a kilo. I feel kind of full after eating.
    I might gain 1-2 kilos from every meal. I always feel uncomfortably full, my clothes feel tight.
    I gain 2+ Kilos from a meal. I feel like I will explode! My clothes sometimes rip or buttons fly off!
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    What size are your clothes?
    I have to get clothes heaps of sizes bigger/ I have to get my clothes specially made. They are still usually tight.
    My clothes are the size for my age.
    My clothes are quite a few sizes bigger than they should be. My clothes get tight quickly
    My clothes are sizes for younger age groups
    My clothes are a size or two bigger then what is for my age.

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Mrsmadtiger ( 6.148 )
Posted 100 days ago
yo its says imma normal but irl imma musclar
liv ( 7.124 )
Posted 166 days ago
I like to exercise alot