Who are you in your friendship group?

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Your results could make you anything, from the rebel, to the saint! But which one are you? Take this quiz to find out!

  • 1
    You are doing a maths test, and you come across a super hard equation that you just can't do. Your super smart friend is sitting next to you. What do you do?
    Nothing. I don't want to cheat on a test, but I'm sure that if I did ask them, they would tell me.
    I might ask my friend. But I don't really have a "whisper voice" if you know what I mean.
    I probably wouldn't even be at the test. I skip school on test days... and Mondays... and most days...
    I'm not sure if I would ask my friend. Most of the time, I'm just cracking jokes.
    Nothing. I can't ask my friend for the answer, because the teacher won't find out what I know.
  • 2
    Would you consider yourself a loud person?
    HELL YEAH! I'm screamin' every second of the day!
    I don't really think about that much. I always try to be nice to people, though!
    Yes. I get told off by teachers for talking in class. And fighting in class. And killing in class.
    Yeah, I'm pretty loud! Everyone needs to hear my jokes, and how would they if I whispered them?
    Not really. Noisiness distracts me from my grades.
  • 3
    A girl in your class hurt herself! What do you do?
    I'd help her up, and send her to sick bay. But I would regret missing out on class time.
    I'd help her up, then when she's better, I'd have a HUGE PARTY for her!
    I'd help her up, and make her feel better by telling her jokes. Laughter is the best medicine!
    Chances are, I'm the one who hurt her. And if it wasn't me, I'd congratulate the person who did.
    I'd help her up and send her to sick bay! Then I'd bring her warm soup and hang out with her after school.
  • 4
    One of your friends broke a big rule, and someone else got suspended for it. You are the only one who knows that it was actually your friend. Do you tell a teacher?
    I thought I was the only kid who gets suspended....
    First, I would tell my friend that it would be the right thing to do. If they decide not to own up, I wouldn't tell. I don't like arguments.
    No, probably. But we would joke about it loads later!
    No, but I might accidentally blurt it out to someone. I can't keep things to myself well.
    Yes. I have to do what's right.
  • 5
    Do you participate in clubs at school? (eg. Maths club, drama club)
    I do a few, but I make sure that I can also spend enough time with my family.
    Is there a comedy club?
    I joined the English club once, but got kicked out for talking in class...
    Clubs are for nerds. And I beat up nerds.
    I like to do as many things as possible, because then I can broaden my horizons.
  • 6
    Are you popular?
    Sort of. I am popular in class, because I make people laugh.
    That's not important. I need good grades, and popularity isn't really what I like to think about.
    I tried making friends once. By lunch, they were all in the hospital.
    I think people stress too much over popularity. If everyone was just nice to each other, then the world would be awesome!
    Like HELL yes! I'm always in the center of attention!
  • 7
    In a game of truth or dare, what would you choose?
    Dare. Truths can end in rumors and gossip, and they can be cruel.
    Dare! I am in the center of attention!
    Truth, probably. It's hard to crack jokes while doing dares.
    I don't play truth or dare. It distracts me from studying.
    I don't have anyone to play that with.
  • 8
    Do you like parties?
    They are so fun! I just hope that everyone stays friendly...
    No. If I kill people in public, sometimes I get arrested,
    I LOVE parties!
    Hello? Grade distraction!
  • 9
    Do people often trust you with secrets?
    Only my friends. Because I can be loud, others sometimes don't trust me.
    I don't "do" secrets. I also don't "do" friends. Or safety. Or reasoning.
    I sometimes blurt out secrets accidentally. I can't help being loud!
    Yes, because why would I even tell? That would be mean!
    Yes, because I don't really talk much to others, so how would I spill their secret?
  • 10
    Last of all, do you fight for what's right? (answer honestly!)
    Sadly, no. I get a bit shy.
    I guess I kind of party it away...
    Yes. I think that even though I crack jokes, and I can be crazy, I always do what I can.
    I only fight to hurt people.
    Yes. I like to be as nice as I can.

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