Your personality similar to Sherlock's personality?

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If you're curious about how your personality is similar to Sherlock's personality, you can choose the answer choices on a way which to be honest as far as possible!

  • 1
    What kind of jobs would you like to work?
    A job with I could help others, like a teacher or a doctor.
    I would created a job by myself that I would work on my own he way. This would be similar to a inventor or a detective, indeed both of these in one.
    I would like work something what would be creative, like to would be a painter or writer.
    A job that would be extraordinary and dangerous and I would be in the central of everything .
  • 2
    What do you do in your free time?
    For me keep working mean the same like for others relaxing. I feel myself perfectly well if my mind is run.
    I stay at home to read a book.
    I like to go out with my friends.
    I just do what is came to my mind even if that idea is crazy.
  • 3
    How you tolerate or endure the boredom?
    I hate to be bored. If I'm bored I try to survive with experiments or with composing music, but if seems to be hopeless I use drugs too.
    I rarely feel bored myself, because I'm always have things to do.
    I always find a way to you listen to me.
  • 4
    What you think, which three positive feature fits to yourself the most from these?
    Kind, empathetic, honest
    Smart, just, brave
    Helpful, loyal, friendly
    Brilliant, confident, invincible
  • 5
    What you think how the others see you?
    Actually, I don't care the people what think about me.
    They find me amazing and they fear me.
    I think they see me as they see the normal people.
    I know, that I behaving bit odd sometimes therefore I think hard to understand me for them...
  • 6
    What you think, which three negative feature fits to yourself the most from these?
    Cruel, obsessive, vengeful
    Unemotional, egotistical, stubborn
    Indulgent, aggressive, manipulated
    Naive, shy, weak
  • 7
    How you see yourself?
    I am a genius mastermind, whom everyone should pay attention.
    I'm a enigmatic and complicated person, whom hard to decode, because I don't understand even myself either. Therefore I think I'm a freak and I can understand if the others also see me as a freak.
    I'm a tolerant person, I think, who tries to stand up for others and help.
  • 8
    Which communication method do you like most?
    I have nothing against the conversation in face to face.
    I am a good listener.
    Instead, I choose to write.
  • 9
    What do you think, which one character's personality is the opposite of yours?
    Sherlock Holmes
    Jim Moriarty
    Irene Adler
    Mycroft Holmes
  • 10
    Which character would you choose for your roommate?
    Mary Watson
    Sherlock Holmes
    Molly Hooper
    Irene Adler

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