Are you and your crush meant to be?

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This quiz will give you an idea if your crush and you are meant to be together

  • 1
    How often does she/he accidentally make eye contact with you?
    Yes, all the time when we are hanging out.
    He doesn't even know I exist!
    Never. I never see him.
    Sometimes. It depends on where we are.
  • 2
    Does he spend most of his time with you?
    No! I told you he doesn't know I exist!
    Sometimes. It depends on if he is with his friends or ha.s homework
    Yes. He is always a gentleman around me.
  • 3
    Does he look at his phone constantly when you are hanging out?
    Sometimes. He checks it if he feels it buzz, but then puts it away.
    Depends. Sometimes he will answer a quick text.
    No. He turns his phone all the way off!
    Yes! He doesn't even pay attention to me!
  • 4
    What gender are they? (Does not affect quiz)
    Same gender as you
  • 5
    Do you both have similar interests and similarities?
    We have some of the same but some different.
    Not really, but we always talk about different things.
    Yes! We actually have a lot!
    Only like two
  • 6
    Do they always tell you they like you?
    Only once in a while
    At least 2 times a week.
    Once a day.
  • 7
    Are they embarrassed to be with you in front of their friends?
    Yes! All the time! He just wants to look cool!
    Well, it depends on who they're with.
    No he wants his friends to accept me
  • 8
    How much do you like them on a scale of 1-10? (doesn't affect quiz)
    11 ;)
  • 9
    What do they like about you? (If you know)
    Just like me for my body.
    Like everything about me!
    They like my personality and looks.
    I'm not sure what they like about me.
  • 10
    Do they start the conversations on Snapchat, Text, Instagram, Oovoo, etc...?
    We never talk
    It's 50 50
    He mostly starts them but I start them once in a while
    I start them all the time
  • 11
    Do they do sweet things for you? Like take you on romantic dates, send you long messages, send good morning and night texts, says I really like you, etc...
    Very rarely do they do that. They are shy.
    Sometimes. It depends on what we are talking about.
    Yes! They do that a lot!
  • 12
    Does he compliment you?
    Only on certain things.
  • 13
    Do you think they like you and want to make your relationship go farther?
    I'm not quite sure!
    No, I think they want to be friends.
    Yes! They make it so obvious!
  • 14
    Are they athletic? If so do they pay attention to you after their games?
    Not athletic and doesn't talk to me at games.
    Sometimes. If it's a tough game they don't talk to me a lot.
    Yes, very athletic and always talks to me during and before and after!
  • 15
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springblossom9 ( 63.18 )
Posted 174 days ago
OHYEAH I am 10 and i am IN LOVE with him yay ;)
Calista ( 44.21 )
Posted 179 days ago
Thank you I am nine and we are not aloud to date till senior high then well start to date