Quiz about Air conditioning repair

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Air conditioning technician quiz

  • 1
    What is the definition of superheat?
    Heat added to a vapor past saturation
    Heat transferred at the metering device
    Heat removed from a liquid at saturation
    Heat above the boiling point of the substance
  • 2
    Saturation is defined as...
    The point at which the humidity of air is at its dew point and will make condensation
    The point at which any heat added or removed from a substance will cause a change in state
    The measurement of the latent value of refrigerant and oil in the compressor
  • 3
    When measuring subcooling, the following measurements must be taken...
    Liquid line pressure converted to temperature subtracted from the actual liquid line temperature
    The saturated liquid line pressure converted to temperature minus the compressor inlet temperature
    The suction line temperature converted to pressure subtracted from gauge pressure
  • 4
    Flash gas in a properly charged system will be found at..
    The exit of the metering device and entrance to the evaporator
    The compressor discharge line
    The liquid line entrance from the condenser
  • 5
    To properly verify the charge on a system the following tools are required
    Manifold gauge set, ammeter, thermometer, clamp style amp multiplier
    Manifold gauge set, manufacturers compressor data
    Manifold gauge set, pressure temperature chart, accurate thermometer
  • 6
    The definition for subcooling is...
    Heat added to a vapor to pass saturation temperature
    Heat removed from a vapor past saturation
    Heat removed from a liquid past saturation
  • 7
    To reverse polarity on a three phase blower motor
    Replace the capacitor with a larger one
    Change all three motor wires to contactor
    Change any two hot leads
  • 8
    Which motor setup provides the most starting and running torque?
    Permanent split capacitor
  • 9
    An inverter duty motor is used in what applications?
    Multi tap speed control
    Direct current to alternating current transistional induction
    Variable speed
  • 10
    When checking the humidity in a structure, what tools are required?
    Hydro-test meter

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