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  • 1
    When at a party, you...
    Socialize with everyone, participate in as many activities as possible
    Wait for people to socialize with you, give in to the flow of things
    Feel nervous, tend to shy away and keep to yourself
    Only speak to those you know and participate according to your circle
  • 2
    Your friends have a fight, what do you do?
    Stay out of it, you wouldn't want to irritate them further
    Agree to disagree
    Try to find the side you most agree with, or leave them to solve it themselves if there is none
    Get them to join YOUR side (Compromise)
  • 3
    How would you define your style in clothing?
    Carefully picked, well-made items
    Casual, but nice
    Sporty and fun
    Whatever's practical
  • 4
    How would you label your performance in school?
    High GPA, paid very close attention
    Tried my best, had ups and downs
    Could've studied a bit more.
    Only paid attention to what was necessary to myself/future
  • 5
    Your love life's on the table, how would you describe it?
    Not interested
    I'm not very popular/I don't know how to approach others
    I'm still figuring myself out/unsure
    I'd like to fall in love someday
  • 6
    How often and thoroughly do you plan ahead?
    V.Frequently / I think of all the possibilities the future may bring.
    Often / I tend to think out the most positive outcome.
    Sometimes / Possibilities persuade me, so I change plans often.
    Little / I live in the moment and go with the flow of things.
  • 7
    What do you aspire to be?
    One who helps others and is accepted by them
    An individual satisfied with who they came to be
    Someone strong, a beacon to inspire others
    A person who gives and receives love
  • 8
    How would you define your friends/social circle?
    Many casual friends, and some great ones
    Many acquaintances, and a few friends
    Some acquaintances, and a few close friends
    Some to many acquaintances, little friends/close relationships
  • 9
    How is your relationship with your family?
    Not well, turbulent
    It's complicated, my feelings shift often
    Alright, I love them
    Close, but I have trouble being open with them
  • 10
    How much "drama", would you say is in your life?
    I often feel I may be overreacting
    People misinterpret me, leading to some misunderstandings
    I can be a bit irrational, but so can those around me
    Very little, I try to keep peace

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