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  • 1
    What upsets you most?
    Being used
    Being told what to do
    Not having a say in matters
  • 2
    Your friend just cancelled your plans last minute! How do you react?
    You are not very upset about it.
    You're upset, and press for answers!
    You understand, but are still hurt.
    You don't pay any mind. But you'll remember this.
    You're secretly relieved; you were not really wanting to go.
  • 3
    Ideally, where would you like go when you need time alone?
    To a quiet field
    To a bedroom
    To the beach
    To the library
    I don't need to be alone.
  • 4
    Favorite sweet treat?
    Jelly beans
    Cinnamon candies
    Gummy candy! (gummy bears, gummy worms, etc.)
  • 5
    Do you care how people perceive you?
    I don't really care what people think.
    I have no choice but to care.
    A little bit.
    I do, but I try my best not to.
  • 6
    Time for a drink! What would you like?
    Water is fine!
    I'd like some herbal tea!
  • 7
    Favorite emoticon?
    ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_
    ( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)ᕤ
  • 8
    Someone just told you a really terrible pun. How do you react?
    Respond with an even worse joke.
    Cover your face with your palm. But, you're still smiling.
    Try not to laugh, but fail.
    Laugh genuinely.
    Ask a question to clarify the joke. It was rather confusing...
  • 9
    You finally snagged the remote! What channel do you change it to?
    Animal Planet
    History Channel
    Disney Channel
    News Station
    Shop Erotic ; )
  • 10
    What time do you usually go to bed?
    5:00-8:00 am...
    I burn the candle at both ends.
    11:00 pm
    8:00 pm
    2:00 am
  • 11
    How do you handle rude people?
    I just ignore them. I don't like confrontation.
    I try my best to reason with them, but if it escalates, I give up.
    Have someone else handle it for me.
    They get in my face I get in theirs.
    I won't hesitate to "take care" of them.
  • 12
    You've made a mistake that was a major inconvenience to others! What do you do?
    Apologize and move on. People make mistakes.
    You buy them a gift to compensate. You just feel really guilty.
    You don't stop apologizing. Even after they said it was okay.
    You punish yourself severely. How could you let this happen?
    Think about it all night. And all day. It upsets you to no end.
  • 13
    What role best describes you in your group of friends?
    Childish and bursting with energy.
    Outgoing socializer that loves to have a good time!
    Quiet, and rational, but also let's loose sometimes.
    Somewhat rowdy, but knows when it's time to tone it down.
    Trustworthy and a good-listener.
  • 14
    How skilled are you at video games?
    Decent, definitely not a pro.
    Pretty bad.
    Absolutely horrible. The worst.
    Button-masher. Likes to toss the controller around, too.
    The best. Knows all the combos.
  • 15
    It's going to rain tomorrow! How do you prepare/feel?
    Who cares? It's just water.
    You feel excited. You love watching the rain fall.
    You make sure you set your plants outside to get some nice water.
    You stay indoors and read. You love the white-noise.
    You get your umbrella ready, but forget to bring it with you later on.

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