Why you are an Adult Baby?

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Let's know, what type of Adult Baby are you, and why are you Adult Baby, because exist 3 reasons why you act like small kid. Test is simple and targeted to it, why you do, what you do.

  • 1
    How you feels/what you think during your ageplay?
    I am small kid and I feels good
    I do not play at kid, and if I act like kid, I not think/know about it, because it is for me normal
    I am small kid and it me sexually arouse
  • 2
    Do you wear diapers?
    Diapers are not directly associated with my „ageplay“, if I wear them, it is for other reasons, or because I find wearing of them comfortable
    Yes, this is essential part of my ageplay, play at kid
    Yes, this is essential part of my ageplay and it me help get sexually aroused
  • 3
    Do you play with toys, and what you think during it?
    Yes, if I want be like kid, I must act like kid, and sometimes, playing with toys even enjoy me!
    Yes, and it really enjoy me
    I try pretend it, openly, it is boring, but it do my ageplay more sexy
  • 4
    What types of toys you like?
    These, which can great enjoy me
    For small kids
  • 5
    Do you have plushies?
    I have few plushies, but I often forgot, that they are not real live beings
    I have many of plushies, and I have some favourite, like all small kids
    Plushies make all more real, but I am not very interested in them, I not remember most of them
  • 6
    How you choose kid's motifs to decorate your room?
    I choose all these, which looks nicely, but I have some preferences
    I very thoroughly choose motifs of my favourite „kid“ heroes
    I not choose them, I get first, which I seem, my main criteria, that it must be childish motif
  • 7
    Do you have Daddy, Mommy?
    Yes, all kids need parents include me.
    Yes, and they are very strict and ready to punish me, if I am naughty kid
    No, I am adult, and I not want be leaded by someone, or I like lead others
  • 8
    Can you get break in your ageplay?
    My ageplay sessions are my time-outs in my free time
    Yes, I can be adult, but I feels better like kid
    I am adult, but others tell me, that I permanently do and like childish things
  • 9
    Do you wear child's clothes?
    Yes, I just must wear them, I try get into to kid clothes, or I order sewing of them in special ABDL variants
    Yes, I just must wear them, I try get into to kid clothes, or I order sewing of them in special ABDL variants
    No, It's uncomfortable, but I would like wear them in adult sizes
  • 10
    Your major motive to be Adult baby:
    I am adult, but I love these childish things
    I am want still be small child
    I am want be in role of child for some time, because it me make sexually aroused

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