Am I in love with my best friend? (lesbian)

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Well you obviously love her, she is your best friend! But do you think you could be in love?

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    Have you ever been with a girl before?

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HI (22405)
6 days ago
100% profile A.... I knew it
HI (22405)
7 days ago
I met her... first time met I loved her.... She is ... mixed emotions. I mean, I am very "boyish" since I act like a boy, wear boy clothes and dont have to wear a bra. She is no. 1 in my life
That1GayGal (59799)
13 days ago
Im a lesbian...I have a girlfriend....and...I don't know why!? But...I like my bff but...she has a bf...and...she says she's bi...but I'm I lust love my gf...or lust love my bff...or do I love one of them...or...both...I tried to get her off my mind but ...I can't,and I hate it....I always imagine her and I together but...I try and throw that though away....but theres this one small though that I have a chance ... because...she likes me back...and she's thinking about breaking up with her bf...cause he hardly talks to her...I was thinking about this entire thing this night....I can't sleep...(rn...gah!)...IM SO CONFUSED! who should I pick!?...I.need.halp....idk if anyone has been in this situation before...if u have plzzz tell me what to do! I'm so so so confused....
the gay (41882)
19 days ago
I've known her since I was in 6th grade and she's bi and I'm a lesbian. She would always hug me and hold my hand while she would walk me half way to my next class, and I think I'm starting to have a crush on her, but I don't wanna complicate thing if I do confess to her. Plus she's never dated anyone before and and i know someone that likes her so I feel jealous when he touches her or something, but she usually just pushes him away.
Lisa (19145)
23 days ago
We're close school friends, I'm bi and idk about her cause she sort of Linked me but tells everyone's she's straight and that it didn't happen. We link arms/hold hands in public places etc... and we hug but she said always talking about boys. Ive told her I like her and wanna do stuf with her and she said it's cute, but it's just the same as before around her. I'm so confused😕😕💗💗
Julies (43585)
24 days ago
I’m 11 and I had a sleepover last night with a bunch of my friends and my bff(My big crush) and she knows I like her,a lot of my friends do,but not my family(I think).I wanted to put my arm around her but I was to nervous,I also really wanted to kiss her but she’s straight and I’m bi so idk what she’ll do I love her and think about her all the time and when I blew out my candles last night,I wished for her to be my gf and bff
ITSAME GAY (00373)
32 days ago
sometimes I wonder if she takes these quizzes too
hek (94683)
75 days ago
Frig she's ace tho :')
A girl with a Bestfriend (36945)
77 days ago
I’m 12 and I think I’ve been having a crush on my bsf . She say she’s bi. And she tells me she loves me like Bestfriends do . But when she comes over my house she touches me sexually and when she gets dressed in front of me I just get turned on. I got 70 % on the test.
GayForGurls (65560)
116 days ago
OncE she joked about being together and she put an arm around me. I think I flirted haah Idk but we were in pe class so the moment ended LOL
ThatGayGirl (77713)
119 days ago
I know I'm in love with her. I want to tell her, but It will further complicate things. Kms
Choon00 (37929)
142 days ago
She's bi. She compliments me a lot on my cheeks and smile. I think I like her but I'm so nervous. She gives me surprise back hugs
Me08 (35201)
161 days ago
I've never been in love, and I think I might have a crush now, but I'm not sure...
I know she's bi, but she's in love with someone else...
Confused (16825)
174 days ago
60% crush 40% big but she has a boyfriend.;-( she's straight. It hurts my heart so much.
Anonymous (36661)
198 days ago
It was hilarious because it was 50% you have a big crush see how she reacts on girls girls - my best friend is pan
The other half was you might be bi - I AM bi.
And the point is I don't have CRUSH feelings; no butterflies, nervousness. But she's the most important thing in my life. I can't be without her longer than two days. She is the only one that understands me and can calm me down and I just want a future with her. Forever.
Notevenaname (35172)
342 days ago
Well, this was accurate, now I have a girlfriend.
Pineapple (50723)
478 days ago
Got bi. Am bi. My heart physically
hurts when I think about her..."sigh"