Gay Test: 12-16's

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This is a test, to help you identify your sexual orientation, be it gay, bi-sexual or straight. This test, though, does not determine your sexuality for you: only you can choose who you are.

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    Who do you fantasize about?

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Gay af ( 85234 )
Posted 425 days ago
amol ( 23508 )
Posted 429 days ago
i m 60% gay according to this result.... but for some guys like one of my classmates and my uncle i am a complete 100% gay ..
James ( 68071 )
Posted 452 days ago
i am 14 years old and got 80 percent gay and is right
Owen ( 64377 )
Posted 456 days ago
I just found out I was 55% gay and 45% bi. I knew I was either bi or gay cause I have sometimes have been fantasizing over having sexual attractions with boys in my grade. It's weird how I know I might be gay or bi at age 13. But, oh well. I'm proud and happy. I'm a proud gay 13 year old American boy!!!
#love is love ( 85052 )
Posted 459 days ago
I though i was bisexual but after really thinking about it i think I'm gay and I'm proud and happy about that never be afraid of who you are
frank ( 30362 )
Posted 460 days ago
well, i'm 15 and turned out to be "don't tend to stick to just one gender" i liked this!!! proud to be bi
NewlyBi ( 73865 )
Posted 460 days ago
I always thought I was completely straight. Always dreamt and dated girls and have only had one girlfriend to date. However, recently I have been fantasizing about having💗with men, and just recently dreamt about having💗with a man and found really interesting. I'm totally keen on the idea of having same sexual activity now. That being said, I am still interested in women and romantically prefer women, however, I'm open to having a relationship with the right fella. I don't believe you can just choose to become gay or bisexual, I believe you were always who you were and have just found out. Bisexual and proud
I AM NOT GAY YES!!!!!! ( 30966 )
Posted 461 days ago
I am 70% straight yessssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!
Isiah and I'm gay ( 74179 )
Posted 470 days ago
Yeah😊 I'm 100% and it was right I love dick
Newly gay ( 92916 )
Posted 471 days ago
Well I am now gay but don't know how or when to tell my parents so
Jack ( 52548 )
Posted 481 days ago
I can't tell I need help
WillPlayaz ( 33824 )
Posted 482 days ago
On #12 there should be an option to shuffle away confused.
WillPlayaz ( 33824 )
Posted 482 days ago
I know i'm straight, but just took this test cuz I have nothing better to do.
boii ( 12505 )
Posted 484 days ago
I never was sure if i was gay then i took this test and i am gay for sure i am so happy about that!! :D ;)
mooz ( 37434 )
Posted 484 days ago
i love how 9 and 10 is complete buzzkill with options that you are still downstairs :P
Tye ( 38055 )
Posted 485 days ago
I can't believe that I am officially gay! I am proud and happy about it!
Thanx ALOT! XD :P :)
Desi ( 41849 )
Posted 492 days ago
So this test thinks I'm a guy IT'S not going to be a accurate
Kyla ( 86288 )
Posted 497 days ago
I mean, me and girlfriend were together as she asked me if me wanted to take a gay test, I said yes. So now me and my girlfriend know we are both gay, luckily we can stay together ;)
Tommy ( 03807 )
Posted 501 days ago
Punch him ! Gay twat thinks I'm gay
Bryon darcy ( 90235 )
Posted 510 days ago
I took the test and i know now for sure that i am gay i always wondered but not any more i am def gay. I have been with a couple guys and gave them but that was it and i thaught i was just curious but not now i am gay . yay im happy to know that