Gay Test: 12-16's

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20 Questions - Developed by: AnonymousLoverBoy - Developed on: - 368.292 taken - User Rating: 3.86 of 5.0 - 35 Votes

This is a test, to help you identify your sexual orientation, be it gay, bi-sexual or straight. This test, though, does not determine your sexuality for you: only you can choose who you are.

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    Who do you fantasize about?

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Charles ( 61068 )
Posted 269 days ago
Hey I really think i'm gay but i'm 12 years old and i'm living in Paris in a french school where anybodyy is gay and nobody knows that im gay but you know like guys turn me on and idk why i post that message i think i just need to talk whith someone that ill never see or met and charles isnt is even my real name but you knoww its good to talk
Liam ( 72741 )
Posted 271 days ago
Also anyone in st.paul 14
Liam ( 72741 )
Posted 271 days ago
I'm 14 and I am at an all boys school. It's hard because everyone is hot. I am still struggling with accepting that I am gay and I need help. I go to church so I don't know why god dosent like me for something I can't control
unknown 🙄 ( 42789 )
Posted 273 days ago
i was thinking about this boy st my school he's so cute lol i was hard and i was thinking he was doing all those things to me he's daddy af
Matthew ( 87755 )
Posted 274 days ago
Hey 70% gay guys looking for a hot boyfriend that wants so send 💗 and is in the age group of 12-14 (I am 13) text me at 446-5154
Kyle ( 62575 )
Posted 275 days ago
Justin you sound cute
Sonia ( 20738 )
Posted 279 days ago
Hi im a girl ang i got 90% gay and 10% bi dose this mean that i think that i want to be a guy? oh im 14
Justin ( 59889 )
Posted 280 days ago
Also I know I am gay I came out I just am soing this test because it make me hard in the situations. Plus I got 100%
Justin ( 59889 )
Posted 280 days ago
I am 12 year old and gay but all the cute guys at my school are either really straight or really annoying there a like no cute maybe bi or gay at my school. It is hard(just like I was)
Billy ( 22297 )
Posted 280 days ago
I'm twelve and gay i need a hot boyfriend
Harry marshall ( 74793 )
Posted 281 days ago
100 gay will some one go out with me
TheVander ( 82136 )
Posted 282 days ago
I'm a rebel, I took this test and I'm 17
and I'm 100% straight
sorry, pimps in the comment section
freaking 💗 12 year olds and stuff
what the actual 💗
little bunny ( 99757 )
Posted 283 days ago
95% gay
pj ( 07237 )
Posted 285 days ago
i wont lie a 13 year old already came out i got 55% gay 45% bi looks like i need to come out again but i cant help it guys are just so sexy im a little mature for my age and i have fingered myself before lol im not surprised at all
BottomBoy ( 85309 )
Posted 291 days ago
65% gay? I kinda expected more XD
Daniel ( 09207 )
Posted 292 days ago
I say my name wrong but I am 65% gay and I want a relationship
Dnaiel ( 09207 )
Posted 292 days ago
I am 13 and I got 65% gay
Still quiet ( 84946 )
Posted 294 days ago
I think my parents know I'm gay but I don't know for sure! My friends don't know either but I don't know how to tell them! Being gay is hard! (Like I was during this test)
In closet ( 47218 )
Posted 294 days ago
I'm 13and got 70% gay and %30 bi.
Closeted gay ( 27703 )
Posted 296 days ago
I'm 12 and live in Indiana as well