Me and Uncle Romie Test

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  • 1
    In what season were the twins born?
  • 2
    Where did the main character travel from and to?
    South Carolina to New York City
    New York City to South Carolina
    New York City to North Carolina
    North Carolina to New York City
  • 3
    What physical characters did the new born baby twins and Uncle Romie have in common?
    They all were exceptionally big
    They all looked scary
    They all had fierce looking eyes
    They all were bald-headed
  • 4
    How many kids did Nanette and Romie have?
  • 5
    When did James pack his suitcase?
    The story did not say
  • 6
    Why was the main characters mother a bit concerned that he would be visiting his aunt and uncle?
    Because James would miss his best friend
    Because James' uncle had a big art show coming up
    Because the aunt and uncle did not have children
    Because James had to travel alone to visit his aunt and uncle
  • 7
    When the main characters mother pulled him close while they were cuddled up in her bed what happened?
    She read a bedtime story
    She told James about the day he was born
    She and James sang a song together
    She sang soft and low
  • 8
    What was Romie's family connection to the main characters parents?
    He was the brother to either James' mother or father
    He was the uncle to either James' mother or father
    He was the grandfather to either James' mother or father
    He was the cousin to either James' mother or father
  • 9
    What did the main character usually do for his birthday?
    None of these answers are correct
    He went to a baseball game
    He ate his mothers carrot cake
    He went to a basketball game
  • 10
    What sound did James listen to in his bed the night before going to visit his aunt and uncle?
    Dogs barking
  • 11
    How many jars of pepper jelly did James' mother give to him to give to his uncle?
  • 12
    Did James wonder if he would be missed while he was away from home?
    The story did not say
  • 13
    How did James first learn that he just about arrived to his destination?
    He looked out of the window and saw familiar sites of where Uncle Romie and Aunt Nanette lived?
    The man next to him told him
    He asked a lady on the train
    The train conductor announced it
  • 14
    What was the name of the station that James arrived at?
    Penn Station
    Harlem Station
    New York City Station
    NYC Station
  • 15
    How was aunt Nanette's voice described in the story?
    Sweet and soft
    Like the voice of an angel
  • 16
    What was the underground train called?
    New York City underground train
    Harlem underground train station
  • 17
    Did the houses in New York City look like the house that James was use to seeing?
    The story did not say
  • 18
    What did James see in the windows of some of the big buildings and stores?
    Paints, fabrics, radios and TV's
    Books, radios, TV's and furniture
    Magazines, TV's, cloths and lamps
    Paints, books, furniture and TV's
  • 19
    How many flights of stairs were there to reach Uncle Romie's apartment?
  • 20
    What was Uncle Romie's studio also called?
    A work place
    An office
    A workroom
    An art space
  • 21
    What snack did Aunt Nanette give James when they first arrived at the apartment?
    Pepper jelly and biscuits
    Milk and cookies
    Chocolate ice cream
    Lemon and mango cake
  • 22
    What was Uncle Romie's voice like?
    Deep, like a dogs bark
    Soft and deep
    High pitched like a bird
    Deep and loud, like thunder
  • 23
    What did James and Aunt Nanette buy at the market?
  • 24
    What two types of food did James and Aunt Nanette eat while out exploring New York City?
    Hamburgers and peaches
    Hot dogs and barbecue
    Hamburgers and hot dogs
    Caribbean cake and barbecue
  • 25
    What did Nanette and James visit?
    Empire State Building
    All of these places
    Statue of Liberty
    Fifth Avenue stores
  • 26
    How many floors are at the Empire State Building?
  • 27
    How did Aunt Nanette and James get to the Statue of Liberty?
    By train
    On the subway
    By car
    By ferry
  • 28
    What did Uncle Romie use to make art?
    None of the things listed
    Photographs and news papers
    Paint and cloth
    All of the materials listed
  • 29
    What did Romie give to James for his birthday?
    A baseball mitt
    Baseball cards
    A model train
    A collage painting
  • 30
    What did people talk about while looking at the art at Romie's art show?
    The story did not say
    Which painting they wanted to buy
    How talented Uncle Romie was
    Their families, friends and special times

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