Warrior Cat Personality Quiz

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Find out which cat you are most like!

  • 1
    What are you like?
    Kind, caring(tom)
    Stubborn, rude (tom)
    Sly, quick, intelligent(shecat)
    Feisty, energetic (shecat)
    Smart, beautiful(shecat)
  • 2
    What is your pelt color?
    Dark Ginger
    Flame Orange
    Pale Yellow
  • 3
    If you had to choose, who would be your mate?
  • 4
    If you had to pick names for your kits, what would they be?
    Squirrel kit
    Jaykit, Lionkit, Hollykit
  • 5
    Say you were in RiverClan and your mate is in ThunderClan, what would you do?
    It's against the warrior code, so I have to fight them!
    I'd never have a mate in ThunderClan!
    I wouldn't have a mate in ThunderClan. The warrior code prevents that!
  • 6
    If a cat asked you to follow him to the marshes, what would you do?
    Fight him! Get out of my Clan, cat!
    I'll follow him, and if he proves to be evil, I'll fight him!
    I have to follow him! What if someone is in danger!
    Follow him, obviously, there's adventure!
    He's in my Clan, duh, I'm going to follow him!
  • 7
    If you got to go to a gathering, what would your reaction be?
    I get to go to the Gathering!
    Yay! Yes! Brambleclaw, are you coming?
    Wow. Nice. I get to go to the gathering. Yay.(sarcasm)
    We get to go to the Gathering!
    Okay. I'll get all the weaknesses out of those cats, for you, Blackstar!
  • 8
    What is your motto?
    Fire alone has saved the Clan! Now we do more training.
    When in doubt, follow your gut!
    My mate is Firestar!
    I don't have one, duh!
    I'm ShadowClan. A motto? Really?
  • 9
    The quiz is over! (Almost)
    Nice. I'm getting a toad to eat, thank you very much
    I'm going to help hunt!
    I thought that wasn't possible.
    Yay. I can go hunting!
    I'm going to help my Clan!
  • 10
    What is your fav emoji?
    : l
    : P

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9+10=21 ( 9.228 )
Posted 202 days ago
Bruh Sandstorm didn't lead the dogs away from the gorge. I thought that was Bluestar. Nice quiz though. I'm Squirrelflight! :3
person ( 81.74 )
Posted 202 days ago
For 50 % you are: You are Sandstorm, the fastest cat in ThunderClan with an attitude. You are the best Hunter, and you led the dogs away from the gorge. You later retired to the elders den. Your sandy yellow pelt easily blends in with bracken, and your fierce green eyes warn cats to stay away.
28 % of 18 Quiz participants had this profile! Profile A

You could also get this result:
For 40 % you are: You are Squirrelflight! A ThunderClan shecat, you were daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm. Your dark ginger pelt blends in with the bracken and trees. Your mate is Brambleclaw, and you later became his deputy. When you thought you couldn't have kits, you took Jaykit, Hollykit, and Lionkit from your sister, Leafpool, a medicine cat. You later learned, that, as Yellowfang told you, you could have kits. Profile B

Or even this one:
For 10 % you are: You are Firestar, the orange leader of ThunderClan. You are intelligent, for you keep irritating your Clan by thinking of new ways to train every moon. Your mate is Sandstorm, your best friend is Greystripe, your kits were Squirrelflight and Leafpool, and your deputies were Whitestorm, Graystripe, and your successor, Brambleclaw. You died when a tree fell on you. Profile C

Or even this one:
For 0 % you are: You are Tawnypelt, a once ThunderClan shecat fathered by Tigerstar and your mother was Goldenflower. Your brother, Brambleclaw, urged you to stay in the Clan, but you hated how cats teased you so you went to ShadowClan. Your mate is Rowanclaw, and your kits are Flamekit, Dawnkit, and Tigerkit. You have gone to ThunderCaln to ask for help more than once. Profile D

Or even this one:
For 0 % you are: You are Crowfeather of WindClan! A fiercely stubborn black warrior, you fell in love with Feathertail of RiverClan. When she died, Leafpool became your mate. You left your Clan with her, but returned in a badger attack. Nightcloud became your mate after that, but she, and your son, Breezepelt, blamed you for everything. Your life was full of disappointments. Profile E