Kaz's Pokemon Quiz (Super Hard)

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10 Questions - Developed by: Kaz Hudson - Developed on: - 28.904 taken

This is a very tough quiz about Pokemon. You really have to be a Pokemon master to know this.

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    How many Pokemon were there in the first series of the anime?

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Pokebob (42749)
29 days ago
3 Things
1. 23 movies as of April 2016.
2. 721 pokemon No. 722 wasent released.
3. Can I have a list of the Companions i only counted 15 with rivals?
U noob (09774)
59 days ago
Two things wrong with this quiz, one on question six you are claiming that meloetta is a legendary when it's am mythical, ik small detail but if you were someone who knew enough about Pokémon to make a "super hard" quiz, then u should know that. Two, in last question, it's not x y and z, it's just x and y, or are u talking about the anime, IF SO STATE IT! thank you
john (16273)
192 days ago
there is no latius or earth type it is a ground type
quizzical (45130)
381 days ago
whoa this is a really dumb quiz i got all the answers correct
ps:you should change your quiz title
Arun (97880)
465 days ago
Is Giratina legendary?
kKyrioS (26715)
466 days ago
For Arceus' sake this is a poorly developed quiz, because some of the questions' answers were incorrect, for example, the 9th questions' answer is X, Y, and Z, even though Z isnt even a confirmed game, regardless if its likely.
someman (22510)
521 days ago
at the time of this in July volcanion pokemon 722 is only available in japan and when this was made was unobtainable legitimately so no there where 721 also why anime questions no one watches it and when they do no one obsesses over it
pkmn lover (91802)
579 days ago
well I took 2 other quizzes like this one of them sayed 3/10 another one sayed 10/10 and this sayed 6/10 so I know my pokemon
Alex Kay (52333)
582 days ago
Marlene, that;s why the answer is false
Alex Kay (52333)
582 days ago
Meloetta is not a legendary pokemon, it is mythical
Kay (66368)
585 days ago
Some of these questions dont prove youre a pokemon fan... Like if someone plays the games, theyre not going to care how many pokemon movies there was and how many people Ash has traveled with in the anime. And claiming someone isnt a fan of something for just not knowing something as tiny as that is a jerkish move.
Marlene (28482)
597 days ago
Earth is not acually a real type but rock and ground is.....