How well do you know Perfume? (J-Pop Group)

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Whether you're a long time, die-hard Perfume fan, a Perfume newbie, or somewhere in between, you can
test your Perfume PQ right here! Some of these
questions you might find pretty easy, while others
might just stump you. If you want an accurate score, don't cheat

  • 1
    Perfume always introduce themselves to their fans in
    the same way at the beginning of a live show or
    vlog. They each introduce themselves individually,
    and then usually Nocchi will initiate a catch phrase
    they say in unison. Complete the following:
    "Kashiyuka desu. A-chan desu. Nocchi desu . . . "
    Mina-san, konnichiwa! [Hey, everybody!]
    San ni awasete Pafyuumu desu! [The three of us together are Perfume!]
    Yoroshiku onegai shimasu! [Thanks so much in advance!]
    Hajimemashite yo! [So glad to meet you!]
    Pafyuumu pawaa! [Perfume power!]
  • 2
    How did Perfume come up with their group name?
    It was the only name they could all agree upon.
    The creator of the group logo was testing out the typeface he created for them. He showed them a sample and Perfume was one of the English words he chose. They all agreed it looked the best and adopted it on a trial basis, but the place-holder name stuck!
    Perfume didn't come up with the name themselves, their manager thought it sounded marketable.
    Each of the original members had the character for fragrance in their given names.
    It's simple. They all love perfume!
  • 3
    Did you know that Nocchi replaced the original third
    member of perfume? Of course you did! What was the
    original girl's stage name again?
  • 4
    In which year did Perfume form?
  • 5
    Though technically the girls' major label debut is
    Game, before this album, the girls came out with a
    compilation of most of their previous singles and
    b-sides. As the album arguably contains some of
    Perfume's best songs and does have some semblance of continuity owing to the fact it was produced
    entirely by Nakata Yasutaka, many Perfume fans
    consider this compilation to be Perfume's true first
    album. What is this compilation called?
    Perfume: Complete Best
    Total Perfume
    The Very Best of Perfume
    Perfume: The Singles Collection
    So Far: The Best of Perfume
  • 6
    Before they began their collaboration with their
    current producer Nakata Yasutaka, Perfume were
    trying to make it as an idol group in Hiroshima.
    Their first two singles were kitschy tween pop songs they released locally. Name their first ever singles.
    Omajinai Perori, Kareshi Boshuuchuu
    Monochrome Effect, Vitamin Drop
    Polyrhythm, Baby Cruising Love
    Computer City, Electro World
    Sweet Doughnut, Oishii Recipe
  • 7
    Perfume's first taste of success came when Nakata
    composed a trio of dystopian singles about a cold
    future world. These three singles were Perfume's
    first to chart in the top 100 on the Oricon. The
    latter two singles released are the better known:
    Computer City and Electro World. What was the title
    of the first released and least dark of the trio?
    Computer Driving
    Ceramic Girl
    Linear Motor Girl
    Plastic Smile
  • 8
    One of the perils of working with a sole electronic
    music producer is the fact that all the song data is
    in his hands. Which infamous song, referred to as
    the "lost Perfume song," was accidentally deleted
    before it could released and after only a single
    live performance?
    Juicy Fragrance
    Fruity Fragrance
    Fruit Juice
    Fragrant Fruits
    Juicy Fruits
  • 9
    On Perfume's third world tour they finally visited the USA in 2014. Which two cities did Perfume visit?
    Los Angeles and New York
    Boston and Miami
    Austin and Las Vegas
    Chicago and Boston
    Los Angeles and San Francisco
  • 10
    The only other producer to compose music for Perfume
    during the Nakata era was DJ Momo-i. Which song did DJ Momo-i produce for Perfume as a promo track?
    Vitamin Drop
    Secret Message
  • 11
    Which of the following Perfume tracks is actually a cover of an eighties Juicy Fruits song?
    Jenny wa Gokigen Naname
    Koi wa Zenkei Shisei
    Ijiwaru na Hello
  • 12
    The creative music video for this angular Perfume song was basically an advertisement for frozen treats.
    Secret Secret
    Perfect Star, Perfect Style
  • 13
    The music video for this song has Perfume trying their hardest not to laugh while their feet are being tickled off camera. It's hard to keep a straight face yourself watching them crack up by the end.
    Magic of Love
    Toumei Ningen
    Spending All My Time
    I Still Love U
  • 14
    Order the girls from oldest to youngest.
    A-chan, Kashiyuka, Nocchi
    Kashiyuka, A-chan, Nocchi
    Kashiyuka, Nocchi, A-chan
    Nocchi, A-chan, Kashiyuka
    Nocchi, Kashiyuka, A-chan
  • 15
    Many of Perfume's most loyal fans know that Perfume
    have had comedic success on TV and radio. The
    members of Perfume each have a few long-running
    characters they voice on the radio. One of Nocchi's
    most popular is called Nocchilda, and she's a
    serious, but kind-hearted English teacher who seems
    to be more fluent in Japanese than English. From
    which anglophone country is Nocchilda purported to
    New Zealand
  • 16
    Perfume has acted in a tongue-in-cheek teen drama
    parody series on TV in which the girls portray
    exaggerated farcical versions of themselves. The
    series concerns the silly events of the "normal"
    lives of the three, single college-aged girls.
    What's the name of the series?
    Perfume's Gorgeous Manor
    Perfume's Chandelier House
    Perfume's Grand Staircase
    Perfume's Lovely Town House
    Perfume's Delightful Dorm Room
  • 17
    Which Perfume member was in advanced vocal classes in school ahead of the other two?
  • 18
    Which Perfume member broke down when she lost
    confidence in her abilities and was ashamed because she
    felt she couldn't keep up with the other two?
  • 19
    Which Perfume member, as the most outgoing personality of the bunch, is considered the de facto leader?
  • 20
    One of Perfume's more unique songs is "Polyrhythm." It has a polyrhythmic section in the bridge
    extension of the first chorus, which is a rare feature of a
    pop number. On which American animated film
    soundtrack/s was this song featured?
    Toy Story 4
    Cars 2
    Cars 2 and Toy Story 3
    Toy Story 3
  • 21
    Perfume's producer, Nakata Yasutaka, is pretty
    prolific in the Japanese music industry. Which of
    the following artists/groups has Nakata NOT produced
    or been a part of?
    Utada Hikaru
    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
    Suzuki Ami
  • 22
    Which of the following albums is NOT a Perfume studio album?
    Level 3
    Cosmic Explorer
    Moshi Moshi Harajuku
  • 23
    Which of the following is NOT a slower tempo song?
  • 24
    Which Perfume member has noticeably better pronunciation of English lyrics?
  • 25
    Bonus: Which famously inspiring Perfume song about
    striving for one's DREAMS opens with the lines:
    "Saikou wo motomete / Owari no nai tabi wo suru no
    wa . . . " sung by Nocchi?
    All these J-Pop songs sound the same! How should I know?
    Creamy Whitener
    Mean Blighter
    Dream . . . uh . . . Dream Something?
    Dream Fighter [I totally sang it in my head as I read it]

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