Where should you buy your mermaid tail?

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This is a simple quiz for girls looking to buy a swimmable mermaid tail. If you just can't choose where to buy your tail, this quiz can help you find the tail that's Write for you!

  • 1
    Have you ever had a mermaid tail before?
    Yes, I have had one or more mermaid tails.
    No, I've seen some before though!
    My friend has one, and I've tried it before.
    No, but I know the dolphin kick.
  • 2
    Would you consider yourself a good swimmer? (No, that does not mean that you can doggy paddle and you think you could win the Olympics, but have you passed a deep end test?)
    Yes. I have passed (almost) every deep end test that I've taken.
    Yes, I pass lots of deep end tests and I am fast above and below the water.
    Yes! I have passed lots of deep end tests and I LOVE to swim. I am quite fast in the water...
    Eh, I don't swim ALL the time, but I can move and... Well, not drown.
  • 3
    What are you most looking for in a tail?
    I want a realistic scale pattern, and to move FAST!
    I don't want my heels to show too much, I want to look realistic, and move quickly.
    I just want to swim like a mermaid!
  • 4
    What type of look do you want for your tail?
    Shape of real mermaid fin, scale pattern, intricate details
    The shape of a real mermaid fin, dorsal fin type things and attachments.
    Fin shape, scale pattern, it's fine if it's a little round at the ankles.
    Fading colors, flowy under water.
  • 5
    Do you care about colors?
    Lots of colors, and styles
    I want a large variety of colors for my tail.
    I want lots of colorful accents and accessories on my tail.
    Bright colors, intricate pretty scales.
  • 6
    Do you like mermaiding?
    I don't have much experience, but as far as I know, yes.
    Never done it before... OR from what I've heard
    I love mermaiding! Swimming is my life.
  • 7
    Do you need to stand on the bottom of pools? (This is just to know if you can have a thin tail fabric.)
    Not in mermaid tails.
    Nope, I always swim, or hold onto the wall feet up.
    Not really, unless I get tired.
  • 8
    Do ya' love mermaids? (extra question, lol. I'm bored)
    The water is my home, my home is the water.
    I love mermaids, they're amazing.
    Yes! I want to be one...
  • 9
    Did you like this quiz?
    Uh huh... Can we please keep going?
    I wanna know my tail!
  • 10
    LET FATE DECIDE! Lol, jk. Have you seen H20? Who's your favorite? If not, just click somethin'.

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