What Kind of Friend Are You?

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Groups of friends have all kinds of people in them. Each one is different and brings something a little different to the table. And that's what make friend groups tick. All the different friends harmonize to make an awesome group. Have you ever wondered which friend you are in your group? Take this quiz to find out.

  • 1
    When you first get to school in the morning and see one of your friends, what's the first thing you say?
    "Hold up, you know that shirt is out of dress code, right?"
    "Hey, have you seen [other friend]?"
    "Did you procrastinate on your math homework again?"
    "Good morning! How are you?"
    "Yo, what's up? Check out this thing I drew on my binder last night!"
  • 2
    If one of your friends was on his/her phone during class, what would you do?
    Whisper, "Put that away right now, before you get caught!"
    Ask why they are on their phone.
    Sit next to your friend, cover them, and watch out for teachers.
    Tease them and threaten to tell the teacher.
  • 3
    Your friend has detention after school. What do you do?
    Tease them about it.
    Scold them when they get out and warn your friend not to do it again.
    Sit and wait for them to get out, then let him/her vent about it.
    Walk home with a different friend instead.
    Try to find a way to get them out.
  • 4
    Two of your friends are in a fight. What do you do?
    Let each friend tell you their side of the story and then sit down with them to moderate a conversation.
    Try to stay out of it as much as possible.
    Continue talking with both friends and discuss the fight with other friends.
    Encourage the two of them to make up.
    Come up with creative solutions to get them back together.
  • 5
    You reach the table you usually sit at for lunch and one of your friends is already there, crying. What do you do?
    Make your friend sit up, bring her some tissues, and have her eat some lunch.
    Give your friend a hug, walk with her around campus to calm her down, and let her complain about what is wrong.
    Grab another friend to comfort her.
    Start calming her down while explaining to other friends who start arriving what's happening so they can all comfort her.
    Ask your friend what is wrong and try to find a solution.
  • 6
    Say you missed school for a day. What would be the most likely to happen?
    A friend would get caught sleeping in class.
    Nobody would know what table to sit at or where to go after school.
    A friend would get upset and wouldn't have anyone to confide in.
    Your friends would have a pretty boring day.
    A friend would forget her lunch and you wouldn't be there to split yours.
  • 7
    You and some friends are going to meet at a restaurant after school to work on a project together. Some friends want to get pizza while others want to get burgers. What do you do?
    Wait to see what happens and follow your closest friend.
    Have all your friends vote.
    Have one friend pick up a pizza and another pick up burgers and then meet at the library.
    Suggest another fun option nobody had considered.
    Make an executive decision.
  • 8
    One of your friends is about to ask out the boy/girl they like. What do you tell them before they go?
    "Any boy/girl would be lucky to have you."
    "I'm gonna come and watch. This should be fun."
    "Good luck. Remember what you rehearsed at my house!"
    "Be careful. If it doesn't work out, remember, boys/girls aren't worth it."
    "Good luck!"
  • 9
    Your teacher tells you that you need to pick a partner for an upcoming field trip. What is your first thought?
    Oh no. I'm going to have to watch my friends to make sure they don't all kill themselves off.
    Oh my gosh, this should be so fun! Who should I go with?
    Oh great. I'm awesome at cheering my friend up when they're down, but not having fun at an amusement park.
    This is so hard! I have so many friends! Who should I go with?
    I'm probably going to go with [name].
  • 10
    You get a terrible score on a test and are in a really bad mood. A friend shows up and starts talking about something else. How do you respond?
    Pretend to be in a good mood and try to listen.
    Wait until another friend comes over and pretend to get distracted by them.
    You wait until they stop talking and then start talking about your test.
    You try to engage in the conversation so you can forget about the test.
    Try to listen, but don't hide your bad mood.
  • 11
    You're in class with a friend who's giving a presentation. Suddenly, your friend drops his/her notes. What do you do?
    Seize the opportunity to talk to another friend.
    Let them complain after class.
    Ask the teacher a question to take the heat off your friend.
    Make a joke about it.
    That wouldn't have happened since you made your friend memorize their speech ahead of time.
  • 12
    If you could know one detail about your friends in the future, what would it be?
    How did they survive without me?
    How many friends do I have now?
    Are they all still my friends?
    Are they leading bright, productive futures?
    Are they all happy and healthy?
  • 13
    What type of friend would you describe yourself as?
    You are logical and resourceful. You can get any friend out of a pinch in a snap.
    You are outgoing and loud. You have a ton of friends and are never lonely.
    You are quiet and caring. You support your friends and are very good at listening to them vent.
    You are responsible and strict. You worry about your friends' well-being and make sure they are taking good care of themselves.
    You are funny and creative. You are never in a bad mood and always have a good time.
  • 14
    What is your best quality as a friend?
    Your friends are never bored when you are around.
    People look to you for guidance.
    You're always willing to lend an ear.
    You save your friends' butts multiple times a day.
    You keep your friends on track.
  • 15
    What is your worst quality as a friend?
    You can appear bossy at times.
    You give in to peer pressure easily.
    You don't really like having serious conversations.
    You forget to think of yourself at times.
    Sometimes you get so caught up with one friend you don't notice another.

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