Which Character are you: The Maze Runner Series

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Find out which character you are based on the trilogy (Kill Order not included).

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    What do you think of WICKED?
    Cannot be trusted with the exception of Chancellor Ava Paige
    Full of cruel, crafty, merciless scoundrels
    A bunch of lying, shucking baboons
    I don't know. I am confused. But I get bad vibes from them.
    Everything that they did was justifiable as they did it for the good of the human race. WICKED is good. Period.
  • 2
    What sort of person are you?
    I am rebellious.No one can change my mind or opinion. I am also very humorous.
    I am the kind of the person who goes with the flow.
    I am calm, level-headed and tactful.
    I am clearly a fighter. I think differently. But I also listen to my friends.
    I am loyal. But I tend to give into pressure and lose confidence and faith in trying times.
  • 3
    Are you humorous? If yes, what is your style.
    A little. I tease my friends.
    My sense of humour is usually sarcastic.
    I have a great sense of humour that is quirky and extraordinary.
    Sort of. I usually indulge in dry humour.
    Not really
  • 4
    If you were trapped in the maze with your memory wiped out, how would you react?
    I would be impulsive and desperate.
    I would be extremely curious. I would want to try every possible way to get myself and my friends out of it.
    I would try to get out a few times and then give up.
    I would be calm. I would collect information about the maze and then devise a foolproof plan to get out of it.
    I would learn how to navigate the maze and how to overcome the Grievers and then escape.
  • 5
    Which do you agree with the most?
    Loyal even beyond death. Friends are family and betrayals are unforgivable.
    I don't have many friends, but I support the ones I have in any way I can.
    Friends cannot always be trusted. But true friends are for life and even when they pass, their memories are treasure.
    Friends are my everything, but you have to move on when something bad happens.
    I would do anything (good or bad) for the benefit of my friends.
  • 6
    How would you react to a loved one's death?
    Death causes pain. But I will not show my pain. I will honour that person and move on.
    I would be very sad, of course. But I will always cherish their memory and never let it fade.
    I don't have any/many loved ones. But life is about moving forward. So I would just move on.
    I could cry and wail and moan forever inside my heart without pouring out my feelings.If I could have died instead of that person I would have.
    I would plunge into grief. It will always be a reminder that I failed them.
  • 7
    Would you betray the person closest to you (assuming that you have a good reason)?
    Never. Even if I have a good reason.
    If it is for their good or for the good of the general, I would
    I don't know.
    Betrayal is not an option. How could you even think of it? It just shows how weak you are.
  • 8
    Mentally, how old do you think you are?
    A teenager
    A child
    Appropriate to my age
    Adult aged
    Old aged
  • 9
    Are you a good leader?
    I usually follow others. But when I am a leader, I am just nominal.
    Sometimes. I can be influential. But I prefer to work alone.
    Yes, everybody follows me automatically and they trust my judgement.
    I usually work independently but I might make a good leader.
    Not really. But people respect my decisions as I am experienced.
  • 10
    Which of these titles are you most likely to get?
    The glue
    None of the above/ Or I don't need a title/ There is no title to describe me
    The one who should be killed. I often get into trouble.
    The betrayer. People see me as a treacherous person even though my intentions are good.
    The leader

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christanna ( 59435 )
Posted 521 days ago
I love the maze runner series so much. it's so aawesome.