Minecraft server gamemodes ~Factions~

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Enjoy the quiz deeply and don't cheat!

  • 1
    What is the most effective way to raid a claimed base? (Be weary of the prices)
    TNT Cannon
    Ender pearls
    Flint and steel
  • 2
    What material is a suitable block to surround your base, in order to achieve a well-defended base? (It Should Be Obtainable)
    Armour stands
  • 3
    What is the most effective spawned type to earn money? (The shop prices to buy and sell are the average)
    Iron Golem
  • 4
    Considering the factions server has Normal Kits, What would the suitable items be for the 'Kit Starter?'
    A stack of enchanted golden apples
    A red-coloured leather tunic named: Kit Starter. Also its lore is: You Got What You Asked For!
    A staff rank
    Basic iron gear, food and possibly wood
    Op diamond armour and sword all enchanted
  • 5
    Which factions command can create a faction?
    /f create <name>
    /f upgrade player:<your name> faction:<name>,<name>,<name>
    /f build faction <name>
  • 6
    Endear pearl glitching (on regular servers) above the nether world is illegal for how long is the ban when you commit this crime?
    15 days
    It's not illegal
    Perm ban
    1-3 days
  • 7
    On a normal server, factions will come with the other plugin 'mcmmo', this plugin allows you to level up certain skills which increases their damage, speed etc, if you have maximum levels on your sword skills and axe skills, which one (sword or axes) deals more damage?
    The same damage
    Trick question!
  • 8
    What is factions?
    Social networking
    It is a gamemode found on a minecraft servers that consists of a clan that grows and grows and attempts to achieve the best
    Ummm, Ehhhhh, That server thing?
  • 9
    Which area is best to build a base?
    5 blocks off the beginning of the wilderness (the place you are able to build after the warzone AKA: pvp zone
    It an ocean
    In the air
    In an already-raided base
    Underground surrounded by water
  • 10
    As my final question, I have made this either the easiest question or the hardest question you have ever come across, zooming out of factions, you get a server then you get multiplayer then you get MINECRAFT, my final question is:
    Minecraft is all about factions right?
    Factions isn't a thing

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