Panic! At The Disco Lyrics Quiz

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Are you a true fan? Surely a fan knows the lyrics to the songs.

  • 1
    Difficulty: Easy

    But isn't this, exactly the ___ ___ ____ __?
    Way the sun sets
    Way you love me
    Way you like me
    Way you want me
    Way the lights dim
  • 2
    Difficulty: Easy

    Tonight we are _________, ________ pourin' over us. All my friends we're ________! Tonight we are _________
    Amazing, liquor, gorgeous, amazing
    Victorious, the pain, gorgeous, ignoring us.
    Cool, water, meh, cool
    Victorious, champagne, glorious, victorious
  • 3
    Difficulty: Easy

    Double-bubble disco queen, ______ ___ ___ _________, skin as cool as Steve McQueen, ___ __ __ ____ ______ ____.
    Moving towards execution, let me be your killin' thing
    Poisoned by the evil king, let me be your killer king
    Headed for the guillotine, let me be your killer king
  • 4
    Difficulty: Medium

    Let's ____ _______, ____ ______, show them all you're not ___ _______ ____.

    Start a fight, start a fight, going to give up.
    Show our might, show our might, going to go down without a fight
    Kill tonight, kill tonight, the ordinary type.
    Fly a kite, fly a kite, letting it blow away
  • 5
    Difficulty: Medium

    In the VEGAS LIGHTS, where _______ _____ ___ _______, ___ ____ ___, we're swimming with the sharks until we drown.
    Villains spend the weekend, the deep end
    Villains gamble a lot, can you not?
    Villains spend the night, pillow fight
  • 6
    Difficulty: Medium

    Sarah Smiles like Sarah ______ ____, she _____ __ ___ ____ so unaware
    Doesn't know, leaps like a doe
    Is not fair, kills everyone
    Doesn't care, lives in her world
  • 7
    Difficulty: Hard

    Mortal kings are ruling castles, ______ __ __ _____ __ ___, liars settle into sockets, ____ ___ _____ ___ _____ ____ ___!
    Welcome to my world of fun, flip the switch and watch them run
    Oooooh so that's what the third line is...
    Welcome to the dark carnival, hope you enjoy your stay
    Finders keepers losers weepers, welcome to my world of fun
  • 8
    Difficulty: Hard

    Everything I do is bittersweet, you could ____ __ ______ ____ ____ ______ _____.
    Tell me secrets that I'll probably repeat
    You're gonna go far kid is also a pretty good song.
    Dance fucker dance man he never had a chance
    Show me how to lie, you're getting better all the time.
    Lie to me and I'll probably tell
  • 9
    Difficulty: Hard

    I got so sick of being on my own, ___ ___ ____ ____ _____ __ ____. It's like I finally found a friend, ____ __ __ ___ ___ _____ ___.
    Now the devil won't leave me alone, who's in it for the batter end
    Now the devil won't leave me alone, who's in it for the bitter end
    Is this even P! ATD?
    Now the devil won't leave me alone, who's in it for the better end
  • 10
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Caitlyn ( 34813 )
Posted 538 days ago
I got a 9/10 because I said I didn't like the said be honest and I was
ryan ( 42441 )
Posted 541 days ago
i got 8/10 because 💗 question #1 got all lyrics wrong so i disliked the test in question #10.
PS. it's "and isn't this exactly where you'd like me..."